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Published: 2020-01-18 09:30:32
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Merit pay is any salary increase in an employee pay based on the performance of the employee . A bonus is not considered to be merit pay because this is a one time thing and merit pay becomes a part of the employees salary. I think this award is a great idea, this allows the employee to know their efforts of achieving their companys goals has not gone unnoticed. This gives employees the incentive to want to learn more and continue to perform well in order to keep receiving their pay raise.

In todays workplace there are numerous reasons for low productivity. Employee conflicts are one of the main culprits to this problem in the workplace. Employee conflicts not only affect productivity, it also affects coworkers attitudes, customer service, and it changes the work environment for coworkers that are caught in the backlash of the conflict. Employee conflicts were not as complex three decades ago as they are now. If the boss did not want to deal with the conflict he or she would fire the employee, my way or the highway. Now employee conflicts are more complex than not eating lunch with a coworker because she did greet the group this morning. We now have workplace violence, sexual harassment, and competition for limited resources, and dealing with difficult employees.

Now there are laws in place that protect employees from being fired because their boss did not want to solve the conflict. . I have enlisted the help of two people to help me see different aspect of employee conflicts within their work environment. Their background deals with the retail industry and the food industry. Both of these environments deal with employees being knowledgeable of the product they are selling, team work and customer service. I spoke with them about employee conflicts in their workplace and how they overcame the issues. After listening to the situations and their solutions, I noticed some of the solutions for resolving their conflict were sensible and other resolutions should have been handled differently.

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