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Published: 2020-02-10 12:01:44
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The place below describes the hardware and software that I will use to have my project done: 1. A monitor is an important output hardware, a monitor screen consists of very tiny dots called pixels, these pixels are divided into three colours (Red, Green, and Blue). When a specific amount of electricity goes through these pixels, they change colours; these colours are shown on screen as images, writings, programs, windows, etc. 2. I will use a scanner to transfer real images into the computer.

A scanner works when rays of light are reflected from the paper to a small camera that is sensitive to colours, and transmits all the colours in a data format to the computer. 3. A keyboard is the second most useful item, when you press a key; the keyboard gives a coded number (such as o11ooo11). The CPU receives that number and changes it into a letter (01100011=a), and I will use it to include writings into my database assignment. 4. The most useful hardware I will use is the mouse, it is very useful and simple to use.

A mouse cursor moves when you move a mouse, the ball in the mouse moves which controls a laser beam that flashes into a device similar to an LDR (Light Dependant Resistor) to give orders of moving the mouse, and it will be used to control my cursor and build up my database. 5. A Hard disk stores information when data are travelled through cables in the CPU. A Hard Disk consists of several surfaces, which are divided into tracks magnetically sensitive. The read/ write head writes on these tracks magnetically. So, you can obtain data from Disk whenever you want.

6. A floppy disk is a good way of back-upping my files in case of loss or damage. It works in a way similar to the Hard Disk, the read/ write head writes and reads to/from a floppy disks tracks. 7. I will use Microsoft Word for accomplishing my work and text writings will be mixed with images, and Microsoft PowerPoint for the poster because it has a lot of good tools, such as drawing, background effects, etc. 8. I can use Microsoft Word for my poster but I preferred Power Point because its a lot easier and more powerful. 9.

I will use the command insert, picture, from file, to transfer the Outlook logo to my project, as well as I used font size 14 and 16,some are bold and normal with abit underlining. In addition, I used the Times New Roman writing style because its very clear. 10. I used a laser jet printer because it prints out better than any normal printer, but I was only able to print black and white. 11. I used the tabs to separate writings in a clear way, e. g. Leaflet. I think I will approach my target/task if I simplified my work, for instance, if I want to create an easy and good poster, I will use Microsoft PowerPoint.

A good way of brighten up my work is to add borders. Borders may be added by clicking on format, then borders and shadings and then selecting your border. A good way of mixing text writings and images is to use Microsoft Word. You can mix include the image in the paragraph by right clicking on the image, select text wrapping and choose through. Ideas: 1. Add colours to the poster so most people will notice it. 2. You may add borders to the leaflet. 3. Images would be great if they are mixed with text writings in a good way.

Headed letter should include the logo of the company and information to contact them. Steps of Making: Headed Letter: Begin with a new word document and name it (e. g. Letter). Add the logo of the company by copying the image and paste it on your document, upper right-hand side is always the best. It is always good to type information about the company and how to contact them under the logo. Now write your letter and begin with Dear Sir/Madam. In the end of your letter you may want add the word Yours Sincerely or Your Faithful, and put your signature under your name.

Leaflet: Begin with a new word document and name it (e. g. leaflet). Add a border to your leaflet by clicking on format, borders and shadings and selecting the border you want. Begin with the name of company; you may add the logo of your company above or under the name. If your doing a leaflet about a restaurant menu, you may add the name of item (e. g. French Fries) and type the price next to it (e. g. $12), or to make it even better it is preferable to add the size (e. g. S $3, M$7, L$12).

Begin by launching Microsoft PowerPoint, and opening a new presentation. Choose the text layout title slide. Type the name of company or the offer in the title bar. Add information under the title. You may want to include Telephone number and address of company. Copy and paste images to your poster to brighten your work. Design: PC Design Poster Headed Letter Leaflet Flow Charts Poster Headed letter Leaflet Implement: Finally I finished my poster, headed letter and the leaflet, and then printed them out. I think my work will be used mainly in restaurants.

My poster can be used to advertise special offers, my leaflet to view restaurant menu, and headed letter to be used in the restaurants office. I produced my work and took it to gather some information from some friends, Riasat Afzal said that my work could be better if I printed it in colours and made the poster a little bigger. Tanveer said that my leaflets currency should be in pounds (or euros these days), in addition to that, your headed letter should be formal and it will be better if it contained more than 50 words.

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