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Published: 2020-01-24 01:40:19
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i»? For M2, the evidence can be taken from anywhere. Learners are not required to learn standard proofing symbols, but are expected to make notes or marks on the original document which indicate what has to be done. Evidence will require the initial documents, the final documents and some indication of authenticity of work. Indications of what would be appropriate are included in the relevant section of the PSA. As part of my continued training in my post I am required to maintain and improve my communication skills.

I will communicate review draft documents to produce final versions. Spell checker was one tool that I used to review draft documents. I clicked on the Spelling & Grammar option. I then looked to see the options for the misspelt word and then pressed add. I then got a pop up showing that the spelling and grammar were all correct. Spelling and Grammar options are very important to ensure that everything is making sense and everything is spelt correctly. Its very important that when you hand work in its perfect as if its not it will look unprofessional.

Sometimes the Spelling and Grammar option may pick out words and spell them the American way. This option should be used with caution. Next I made use of the thesaurus and synonyms options. I right clicked a word that I wanted to change and clicked Synonyms which gave me a list of words I could change it to. Another option is to press Thesaurus on the review section. It does the same as Synonyms. The Thesaurus and synonyms option is very useful if you want to up level words or find other suitable options for specific words.

When changing to more complex words it makes your work sound more professional and high level. Lastly, I made use of document tracking options. This is a very important factor when reviewing documentations and can help compare new documents to prior old ones. I chose the Track changed option and changed my document according to how I wanted it to be. I then pressed accept and it showed and highlighted where I had made changed in my document. The Document Tracking Option allows you to track where you have change the document.

It also allows you to compare with the previous one so you can decide what you think is better which is very useful. Making use of the reviewing tools that Microsoft word has to offer is very important. Each tool can help greatly when reviewing documents in order to make sure they are at a high level standard that do not include any grammatical or spelling errors that may make the individual look unprofessional. There are many more tools and techniques then the ones listed in this report that can help greatly in the review process.

Its always very important to make sure that there are no errors in the work as the individual needs to show that they are checking their work and are motivated and care about the quality of the work in helping aid and contribute to the company or business. Using all these tools can help aid the review process and can help improve the quality of the work thus helping the quality in which it contributes to the business or company. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Software section.

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