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Published: 2020-02-12 17:33:01
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Assignment: What is your opinion on the relationship between mistakes and creativity? Since the natural propensity of human makes a trend to possess a notion of newness and deviation, intelligence beings patiently seek to response those demands with the result of new creativity. Simultaneously, mistakes of any forms apparently are inherent to creativity either during or after process of creation.

Such relationship between creativity and mistakes has generally illustrated in the biography of prominent and famous scientists, Robert J. Oppenheimer and Thomas Edison. To satisfy and improve the prosperity of life on the Earth, the scientist, Oppenheimer, has a prosperous goal to advance the technological frontiers of man in nuclear physic, and has desire to succeed in controlling nuclear reaction. Ultimately, his creativity according to his goal and desire is atomic bomb. Oppenheimers creativity, in contrast, deeply connects him to a serious mistake in his life.

His new innovation was seriously responsible for the immense destruction of the death of ten thousands people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Therefore, this destruction can be identified conspicuously that creativity is able to provide mistake in return. While creativity is a necessary thing for mankind, mistake can be seen as a material to pursue that creativity. Taking another famous scientist into consideration, Thomas Edison is isolated himself from the other in order to discover a furtive innovation on electricity.

He finally invented electric bulb after trying 1000 times. However, his 999 failures are 999 mistakes that drive him to achieve his ultimate succession. Then, mistakes in this context are root and driver to definitely create innovation. In conclusion, the relationship between mistakes and creativity is a form of complement that affects or dominates each other. Hence, this relationship is a theory, which can also be applied to daily life of each people in the creations process.

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