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Published: 2019-11-26 01:02:43
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Throughout the history of mankind, we humans have always been eager to explore the world and space around us. Many developed countries have been funding the research programs aim at developing and improving the technology for space exploration. On the other hand, several research programs aim at improving the quality of life and providing the basic necessities of life to needy people have not been implemented due to lack of funds, In my opinion money and effort spends on space exploration is a complete a fruitful expenditure for the next generation. The space exploration gives us a vast advantage to the world such as the space exploration helps us understand the universe that we live in; gather knowledge and understanding of different celestial bodies around give us proper information about whats happening around the world so basically most of countries had used to do their daily routing by using non kind of technologies which will help to maintain its country needs. Furthermore the space exploration has wind up in the sky while improving its technology now it had already become an indispensible part of every developed countries.

Meanwhile space satellites and some other equipments had already being situated around the earth; satellites can update its data through the data transmission method that used to communicate between earth and space. Thus sciences had improved gradually in case of space exploration In spite of taking the disadvantages of forecasting, the science had found out the more advance, accurate and fastest technology called weather updates through the satellite and it can detect natural Disasters like storms on before it happens in particular country of state. Nevertheless space exploration is almost interesting concept for most of the people for some reasons as follows; it creates us a clear picture about the space, universe where we are living.

In this particular option people were able to use Global Positioning System (GPS) it gives the vast advantages such as finding the position wherever and every corner of the earth. Within this option it can be provide for many purposes nowadays the air transportation increased due to population and everyones wanted travel around the world without facing any troubles so the aviation has winded up while using GPS so in this particular time the technology has improved and the GPS systems had already provided in aircrafts. In spite of taking the risk of passengers on the craft the ingenious scientist had developed the technology.

According to new sciences there are plenty of advantages on space exploration. On the other hand space exploration can be help to protect earth from non-kind of destruction on space such as comet, meteors and sudden space explosions. When it does began to floating it carries most destructive parts around space so in this case those exploded meteors can be attempt on our milky way. Throughout that space exploration we humans cannot even find what kind of a distress that earth is going to confront not only earth it could be incidence to another planet too. So in the particular time technology can be help to protect earth. Moreover we have most sophisticated, advanced satellite systems which can detect those kind destructive fragments before its entering to our ozone layer.

So under these, we humans can live safe and sound. In general the population among the countries had gradually increasing, the extent of living areas getting reduced. Some other significant resources such as water, pure oxygen levels will be reduce. So that the villages are being transformed into cities and the cities are being more and more populous. Moreover when the population is increasing there should be and limits in wants. So the food industries needs to maintain the market, suppliers of daily necessities must have to go for alternative options to balance the market and people needs. Even though marketers tries to provide alternative options when there is a crisis, in the same way throughout space exploration many of scientists had anticipated and discovering enormous space objects and their researching about the conditions on particular space objects whereas earth the humans can live comfortably on those planets.

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