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Published: 2020-02-25 12:21:30
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20 shuttles running to the bleeps and the bleeps gradually get faster this shows you how well your endurance is in your muscles and your cardiovascular system. You can improve this by doing circuit training. Other tests which can be done are Cooper run which involves you running around a 400 meter track for twelve minutes to see how far you can run. This also measures your muscular endurance and how well you cardiovascular system is. The other test is the Harvard step test which is thirty steps per minute. You use your pulse to assess your fitness levels. Here are some other tests which can test the components of fitness:

Muscular endurance Sit-ups, press ups and circuit training Muscular strength Bench press, chin ups, grip strength and decimetre. Flexibility Sit and reach, hyperextensions and stretches Body composition Pinch test which callipers biceps and triceps. The tests out of there that I will do is the muscular endurance and muscular strength tests. The principles of training that I might use in the six weeks are:- Specificity Which means Ill be working on specific areas. Especially areas that I am weak at. Overload This means I do more than my body can do with ease and increase the intensity of the exercise.

Reversibility (if injured or ill for a long period of time) If I am out of training for a certain period of time. My bodies final result in training declines. To prevent this from occurring you need to keep training otherwise you may have reversibility. Here are some Methods of training which I could use in my six week programme. Continuous (for aerobic system). In the continuous training you walk, jog, cycle or swim at a steady pace, without rest. To overload, increase the time, distance, speed or frequency. The advantages of this method of training is its great for aerobic fitness.

You dont need special equipment and its good for burning off body fat. The disadvantages of this method of training is it can be boring and it doesnt improve spring speed, which is needed for a lot of sports. It is more suited for long distance runners. The other method of training is Fartlek training. This is mainly for sprinters because of the change of speed. You can use it in many ways for example on a bike, running and skiing. Overload by increasing times, or the difficulty of the terrain. You could run up hills or threw sand or mud. The advantages of Fartlek training is good for a lot of sports because of the change of speed.

You can change the mix of fast and slow work to suit your sport. The changes of pace makes it intense. The disadvantages are the coaches cant tell how hard an athlete is training. You could argue that the athlete should try his/her hardest to get more out of their training. An its easy to skip the tough buts so you need a lot of determination. Interval training In the interval training you do fast and then slow work. A good example of this is running. You can do a 30 meter sprint and then a 30 second jog. This is good for running and swimming. Each repetition of the pattern is called a rep. You must do a set of these before you can rest.

This is also done in weights. You do reps in weights and you do different speeds (push the weight up fast and bring it down slow). You overload the interval training by doing more reps or sets or both or you could set less time on slow work and resting. In weights you usually increase the weight but do less reps. The advantages of this is you can mix both anaerobic and anaerobic work. It is also easy to see when you are giving up. The disadvantages are its hard t keep going and you need lots of determination. Also if you overload you increase the chances of injury because of the sudden changes.

The training equipment that I will be using on my training is a weight bar with weights on the end. The bar itself ways about 10kg so whatever weights I put on the end I have to add 10kg because of the bar. I usually do my weight training with my partner Hollie. Shes a 18 year old girl and is about my level in all training that we do. I will use her as my motivation. For my sprint training I will be using a sports hall which has a lot of grip on it. This allows me to turn and change direction quickly (agility) which is the use of speed and muscular strength.

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