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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Im not speaking about the blue color, even though azul means blue, this time I talking about my daughter, my little piece of blue sky named Azul. I have a wonderful family; we are all Mexican, my husband, Jose; my little men, Pepito; and my beautiful daughter, Azul. Im proud of my daughter because she is a brilliant student, a very happy girl, and a great sister. Azul is well known in her school for being a wonderful learner. She won Student of the Month twice last year, this might sound like Is not a big deal, but consider that last year, while we were living in Mexico, she didn´t know a word about English and now she is earning all kind of awards in a language that is not her mother tongue.

Her teacher says that she works in class as a bee. She gets up really early to get ready for school, sometimes she asks me to go to wait for the bus twenty minutes before the bus arrives, she really enjoys going to school. My daughter is a very joyful girl, she sings and dances all the time, every afternoon she steps in front of the TV and looks at music videos to dance and sing with her friends, they look at her like a rock star and all laugh between songs and dancing moves. Is amazing how she makes fun of nothing at all; shes as happy as the day is long. These good qualities are not even the half when you compare them to her value as a sister. She takes care of Pepito whenever I ask her to do it.

She comforts and huge to him when she sees him crying. She could spend all day playing, running, and having fun with him. All these things might sound like the kind of things that any older sister does with her younger brother, but what I really think that makes a real difference is the fact that Azul knows how hard it can be when you arrive to any place and you dont understand anything about they are saying, thats why she really cares about teaching to her baby brother with love to speak in both languages, English and Spanish. Thats why Im really happy and proud of my daughter and I know that she will have a brilliant future in many ways. I wish she always be happy and her smile remains forever.

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