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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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My favourite person is outrageous, she tries to surprise people and be original. She is a fashion icon, creating most of her own clothing; whether its made out of disco ball mirrors, glitter, or skin tight leather, people cant help but stare. The music that she creates has given her many number one hits and shes won many awards. This person is a beautiful, successful, and kind. Whether you love her or hate her, it seems like no matter where you look you cant help but hear the name, Lady Gaga.

When one is talking about Miss Gaga, beautiful is an understatement. Her fashion choices continuously make headlines. She fabricates most of her clothing out of body-hugging spandex and leather, a lot of twinkling glitter, and shimmering disco ball mirrors. Ever since she became Lady Gaga, the clothing she wears has all been inspired by the disco era. She sometimes goes out wearing nothing but a revealing bra and underwear.

In an interview she once said that she wears what she wears not only because its a fashion statement, but because her grandmother became terribly ill and because of her illness she lost most of her eyesight and now shes only able to see the outline of things, so when the Lady is on TV, or in pictures, her grandmother can see her because of the clothing that she wears. Gaga is often changing her already stunning hairstyles using wigs and weaves.

She started off career in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York City, New York with long brown hair, eventually becoming lengthy, vivid platinum blonde hair, then she cut it short in the video of her song Paparazzi. In the Bad Romance video her hair was long again, but with the release of her and Beyonces song Telephone, her hair was even longer and she coloured bits of it yellow, often using a corded phone as a hat. Her fashion choices are stunning and amazing. In my eyes shes a very beautiful person inside and out.

With seven number one singles in a row and many awards shes one of the most successful artists of the decade. The songs Just Dance, Poker Face, Love Game, and Paparazzi from her debut album The Fame, as well as Bad Romance, Telephone, and Alejandro from her succeeding album The Fame Monster climbed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and Top Pop charts making her the first artist ever to have seven number one hits in a row. Both her albums made number one on the charts too.

Her headlining concerts The Fame Ball and The Monster Ball have been critically acclaimed. The Lady has also been nominated for one hundred and fifty-seven awards and has won eighty-one of them. Forbes says that Lady Gaga make upwards of sixty one million dollars a year making her not only successful on the charts but financially as well. Miss Gaga has a fear of disappointing her family, friends and mostly her fans. After working nearly non-stop for her entire career her body was telling her that it was necessary for her to take a break.

She ignored the pain and fatigue and continued to work vigorously to impress her fans but right before she was supposed to perform at The Monster Ball in Indiana she collapsed and was unable to perform. Later on after she was released from the hospital she tweeted, Ive been crying for hours, I feel like I let my fans down 2nite. An hour before the show, I was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing and later on she tweeted I am so devastated [about having to cancel the concert]. I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort.

Not being able to make her fans exultant is an emotional toll for Gaga. There was an autograph signing being held in downtown L. A. and Lady Gagas fans were waiting for hours to meet her. When the autograph signing began Gaga felt bad that her fans were waiting out in the cold to meet her so she bought them one thousand dollars worth of pizza. Shes so affectionate about her fans that she calls them her Little Monsters and to her fans shes known as Momma Monster. Lady Gaga, shes beautiful, successful, kind, and my favourite person.

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