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Published: 2020-02-09 13:43:00
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People will always remember where they came from? Ah! When I was a child the world seem to be a place of joy and happiness. Nothing seemed to have much importance, yet looking back to my past I can find a meaning to everything. Furthermore, my house was located in the Dominican Republic in an amazing town called Santiago, where I lived the best years of my infancy. Dominican Republic is located on the Caribbean Sea, and its the second largest Caribbean nation. When people enter The Dominican Republic, the first thing that they encounter is the lovely way that people treat them. The hot climate weather can make you feel as you were walking into a sauna. Fresh clean air, like when you walk into a new house. The country serves as a marvelous place for tourists were people can find a diversity of people as they would find in a bag of jelly beans. The ocean blue sea is filled with many coconut trees and the sand is as soft as a feather pillow. At the deep and extraordinary heart of the Dominican Republic lies Santiago, which is the place where I grew up, and the place that occupies all my best memories. Santiago is a small town, but with many people.

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Everyone there knew each other somehow. Each house was located adjacent to one another like the seats at a football game. My house was at the corner and it was the biggest one on the block. It was painted green and white and the front gate made it look like a castle from medieval times. Birds served as the main decoration for the gleaming front yard. Windows were located all around the house and made air easy to travel in and out. When you walk inside you can see the numerous portraits that my mother kept as a pirates treasure. As you walk into the kitchen, you will see all the dishes displayed in perfect order and all the cabinets hid a different secrete. In Santiago there were various familys but mine was the largest one.

Each morning I would wake up to the sound of the rooster screaming his heart out. I would then get ready to devour my mothers special dishes. My mother always made something special for breakfast. My favorite was the homemade pancakes that were always moist and perfect. Hot fresh milk, illuminated the center of the table followed by the volcano like pancakes topped with dripping butter. After breakfast, I would go out into huge yet conservative backyard and play for continuous hours. Every day there was something new, like following a schedule with various classes.

As a result, childhood can be the greatest memory that we cherish, and should always be looked at as positive thing. As I stated before I grew up in a small town but yet very productive town in the Dominican Republic. Santiago served as the center of all my memories just like the main idea of an essay. Theres nothing better than remembering old times, because this way we know that those experiences were well lived. Santiago, the land that serves as the home for many people and the city that never rests continues to be the greatest experience of my life.

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