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Published: 2019-12-21 15:41:36
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Who is your inspiration? Your mom, dad, sister, brother, or grandparents? Well is your inspiration older than you? Most likely, right. Well my inspiration isnt my mom nor my older sister. Its a six year old girl that is a fellow church member and is like my little sister. You would never think that someone younger than you could inspire you in so many ways. Yeah, they think that people older than you should impact you, but look below you, look at the little children. The little children can make you do a 180 and change your whole life. So think about, Who is your inspiration?

In our lives there is always a person that we look up to and admire. With that in mind we take examples from there lives and try to make the best of ours. Growing up I had a lot of persons that I strongly looked up to and admired, but the person that made a great impact and left a footprint in my journey of life would be my mother. She was always the person that had a smile on her face when things didnt seem perfect, or the person that danced when every one else didnt feel like it. As a teenager I wanted someone to tell me right from wrong, or to direct me onto the right path, and she was the perfect example. She was always there when I needed her the most and never let me down, not even in the smallest moments. The out standing qualities that she possesses inspired me to be the person I am today.

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The faith and commitment she has dedicated to being a Christian is encouraging and motivating. She has shown to be the hardest worker Ive ever known and taught me to do the same. Her goals were met with accuracy and persistence, never left unaccomplished and forgotten. Life wasn´t always perfect for her, she fought a lot for what she believed in and what was right, but despite the blocks she may had had in life she always knew how to get right back on track and be the supporting woman she is and has always been. She found a way to help others when she was the one that needed help, the one that needed a hand and the one that needed a friend, but it never stopped her in the least way; it was like she was my hero in disguise. The memories that we shared still linger in my head as if it was just yesterday. I could recall the time she taught me how to cook, we had so much fun, she took learning to a whole new level and it was unforgettable. I was punished for my mistakes with ¨its ok¨ and ¨you´ll do better next time, ¨ and I never felt bad in any way.

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