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Published: 2020-02-15 10:41:06
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Personal competencies provide information on peoples abilities and how to improve their skills. I think is very important for people to know what their personal competencies are because it helps people understand their strengths and weakness as well as lets them know where they need to focus their efforts to improve their competencies. Some good competencies that would benefit a company and employees who work together are Top of Formworking cooperatively with others to achieve shared goals, showing negotiation and flexibility when there are conflicting opinions, supporting each others performance to achieve the best possible results.

Creating a positive environment for people to work and treating everybody with respect no matter what their position is. Keeping and strengthening relationships with others so we can all work as team in order to achieve the best goals for the company. Also, I think that motivating and empowering others to do their best when they are completing a task is good for the company because you always get the best of the employee. You should always lead by an example because if the employees see you working hard and treating everybody fairly they are always going to work hard.

Example: Leading, directing, motivating, supporting, organising, co-ordinating, developing, empowering, understanding, enthusiastic.Influencing or changing other peoples attitudes or opinions by expressing a viewpoint with assurance, certainty and conviction. Using appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to gain acceptance and build commitment to ideas, proposals or plans.Example: Persuading, influencing, convincing, negotiating, impressing, collaborating, reasoning.Being adaptable and able to handle a variety of situations and demands; modifying ones approach as the requirements of the situation change. Example: Adapting, flexing, adjusting, changing rewarding

Bottom of Form

Where and how have your experiences demonstrated competence?
¢ I make an effort to complement other staff members when they do something helpful or positive in the coffee shop where I work.
¢ Ive drafted a study plan for next semester to better organize my study time and use strategies to keep on target.
¢ Ive made a personal commitment to complete this assessment to better understand the competencies I need to work on for my future success.
¢ I chose an elective course that exposed me to new ideas. Why have you chosen your competency rating?
¢ Im not always consistent in acknowledging good work on the part of co-workers and dont always respond in a receptive manner when they voice their opinions/perspectives.
¢ Ive made study plans before but dont always follow them or hold myself accountable.
¢ I havent completed a plan to develop the competencies I need to work on.
¢ I recognize that I could identify new opportunities to develop this competency. What are your competency gaps?

¢ I have to work hard to keep my personal life from impacting my daily work.
¢ I dont always take the time to listen to my co-workers when problem solving.
¢ I am reluctant to try new things and/or ask for help.

How will you address these gaps in the future?
¢ I will join a sports team to learn about a new sport and to develop leadership skills.
¢ I will develop a new strategy to help me separate my personal life from my daily work, by asking for feedback from friends and colleagues.

¢ When my coworkers give me suggestions, I could work harder at listening and accept that they have different ways of doing things.
¢ I can work at aknowledging the efforts of my younger siblings towards daily chores.

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