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Published: 2019-11-03 07:21:54
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Living life to the fullest and helping others achieve the same while being my carefree self is my philosophy. My values to live life by are, to reason with or ask questions about anything and everything, to show others my point of view and persuading them is also important to me, and to accept people for who they are and help them no matter what, that defines who I am.

Life is a mystery that everyone unfolds each day, by each passing moment. Asking questions, to me is something I find logical because if a hum being is curious, it wants the answer. During my childhood, when I read books about my religion, so many questions arouse in my head. Asking my parents was the only resource I had to answering my questions and ridding me of my curiosity. The world has changed so much only because people ask so many questions and work hard to find answers, if possible that is. Helping people learn and understand both the questions and answers through my experiences is a joy to me and I live by this philosophy.

Answering the many questions is fine, but not everyone agrees with my reasoning. This challenging rivalry, the desire to prove my point to the opponent whether Im right or wrong is another one of my philosophies. Back in Dubai while I was in Grade 5, I was a participant at a debate, and the topic that I had to talk about was, whether if the introduction of computers into society during this era had a negative effect.

Although I was proved wrong by my rival, I stood my ground and got my point across using facts, direct quotations, and my personal drive to prove him wrong. This was not in order to win like most people see it, it was in order to show everyone the flip side of the issue at hand and to educate them about it. Being challenged is my drive to press forward.

Proving my point is fun, but taking peoples feelings into consideration is the most important philosophy I live by. Sometimes it angers or upsets people when what they believed in or lived by was wrong. Causing conflict is something I always try to avoid, since Im a very carefree person who likes to go with the flow and work accordingly. I had to prove to my parents that the career path I chose to pursue was the right choice for me. I convinced them but I also making sure I achieve what they want me to achieve, so that they are happy.

As a person who is carefree, I live life as it goes on but I also stop and realise whats happening around me, learn from it, and share my experiences with people. I prove my point but also accept others opinion so I see how other people view the world and what they think about it. This is how I learn and live life, using these few philosophies of mine.

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