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Published: 2019-10-31 13:40:30
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My philosophy on education is pegged on my understanding of education. Education is the process aimed at acquiring knowledge to develop ones powers of reasoning so as to be fully equipped to handle different issues that abound in life. Every outstanding member of society is a product of education which may be formal or informal hence useful education consists of much more than mere knowledge of facts and inculcation of marketable skills.

The best fruit of a properly executed education is an individual with a drive to succeed in society by using all the available resources within the acceptable means of this society. Given the dynamics of the current society, where the quest for financial freedom has taken center stage, parents are no longer able to devote adequate attention to their children which has left a void in the lives of children. Teachers are the only means to fill this void and in many cases teachers have gone on to become vital personalities in the lives of children as the children mature from childhood.

This is very evident in the fact that all prominent personalities have at least one of even more memories of an early childhood teacher who influenced their life greatly. Teachers are also placed in a pivotal position to change the future of their students by converting would be future criminals or even abusers to future doctors, politicians and all other kinds of prominent people in society.. I hold a strong belief that every child has the right to an education and the best gift that society can bequeath to a child is a good education to help the child to become a productive member of society.

In conclusion, my decision to become an elementary school teacher is based on a strong desire to live a life of service to children so as to play a part in creating a better tomorrow. I wish to, at the earliest stage in life, nurture and set all children in the best course of life whereby they will be able to appreciate the power that they possess and then come to the realization that they can be all they want to be.

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