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Published: 2020-01-24 18:10:17
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Specific Purpose Statement: To explain the different events and competitions during NBA All Star weekend. Central Idea: All Star weekend is a action packed event where fans vote, attend and/or watch the most popular NBA stars battle out in various competitions. Basketball or as I like to refer to it, B-Ball, started in Ontario, Canada by James Naismith on December 15, 1891. This invention has led to many different organizations of the game, of which the most popular is the National Basketball Association or NBA. The NBA was started by Eddie Gottlieb in the 1920s.

The popularity of the game, NBA and the players led to an event known today as the NBA All Stars. NBA All Star is held annually in February in different cities where teams are from. The participants of this weekend consist of the fans favorites and choices of head coaches. These favorites compete in areas such as Rookie Challenge, Skills Challenge, Shooting Stars, Three Point Contest, Slam Dunk Contest, and the All Star game which is the main event. The All Star weekend commences on Friday and begins with the Rookie Challenge, the competition is between first and second year players in the league.

The first year players wear away jerseys and second year players wear home jerseys of their respectful teams. The game consists of two twenty minute halves and one most valuable player at the end of the game. NBA Skills Challenge is a competition among four guards. Participant first shoots a layup. Next dribble between three obstacles, throw a pass into a net that does not touch the ground and followed it with another pass into a second net that must touch the ground. Then, the player shoots a jump shot from 20-feet from the basket.

Next, the player must throw a long pass from close to the basket into a third net. Finally, the player will dribble between a second set of three obstacles and complete the challenge with a layup or shot. When all of these tasks are completed successfully, the timer is stopped. The two with the fastest times advance to the finals. The final round is played in the same way as the first round with the player with the fastest times winning the contest. Saturday is an event filled day, beginning with the NBA All Star Shooting Stars .

It involves a current NBA player, a WNBA player, and a retired NBA player representing their teams city in a shooting competition. The contest consists of six shots from various angles. Each shot allowed two minutes and the team who complete all six shots in the shortest amount of time when the contest. Second is the three point competition. This features some of the long range jump shooters to show off their shooting skills. Participants attempt to make as many three pointers as possible from five different locations behind the three point arc within one minute.

Each shooting rack consists of five balls. Four balls are worth one point, and fifth ball, also called the money ball is worth two points. The maximum of points allowed is thirty. This competition is three rounds and whoever has the most points in the first two rounds advances to the last and final round. The winner of the final round wins the competition. The last competition of the day is the slam dunk competition. It features some of the high flying players in the NBA to showcase their talent through the air.

Players have thirty seconds to complete a dunk. Players go three rounds which the third round consists of two players with the highest scores through two rounds advance. The contest uses fan voting to determine the winner of the final round. The last and final event of the All Star weekend ends with the All Star game which is held on Sunday. The best players from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference face off in a competition. Eastern Conference players wear blue jerseys and Western Conference players where red jerseys.

The game is twelve minutes per four quarters. And the person/persons who performed the greatest is named the most valuable player and awarded a trophy. NBA All Star is the opportunity for the players to come together and show off their talent during various events and competitions. It also allows them to support and cheer on one another. As well as allows fans alike to attend this popular event or watch it on TV. This years event is being held February 12-14 in Dallas Texas and can be viewed on TNT and NBC.

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