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Published: 2020-02-23 14:51:56
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Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturer, has introduced the Genesis Sedan to affordable sports sedan market. This car poses a threat to the well-established Subaru Impreza, as it is powered by 4. 6 liter V8 engine. Hyundai has followed it up with a Coupe version of the Genesis. To win back its share in the market, Subaru in partnership with Toyota is currently developing a sports coupe, which will house a Subaru four-cylinder engine in a body inspired by Toyotas design.

With electric vehicles (EV) such as Chevrolet Volt and Tesla Roadster experiencing a positive vibe from the public at large, Subaru has revived its R1e project to start developing pure electric vehicles in the near future. One of the most interesting developments of the R1e program is the quick-charging station which could possibly charge an electric vehicle fully in a very short period. Hence, Subaru has a vision of deploying these charging stations in various locations to ensure that electric vehicles can cover longer distances (Vijayenthiran 2008).

The Toyota Prius seems to have penetrated the hybrid car market well, although a lot of car manufactures have come out with hybrid versions of their popular models. Hence, it is time for Subaru to accelerate rapidly from research phase towards implementation, as there will be an overwhelming demand for the hybrid versions of Impreza and Outback. Rivals Subaru has traditionally stayed out of the diesel engine market, due to engine design constraints and various other factors.

On the contrary, diesel variants of cars such Toyota Corolla have been accepted widely as a reasonable alternative to gasoline-powered cars. Subaru, in an attempt to enter this market, is now considering the idea of manufacturing the Impreza WRX with a diesel engine, which would be more silent and fuel efficient compared to the competition. Hyundai and Nissan are Subarus primary competitors in the North American market (Hoovers 2008). However, the second-largest car manufacturer and long-time rival Toyota has now acquired 16. 5% shares of Fiji Heavy Industries that actually owns Subaru.

When it comes to individual car models, Volkswagens Golf is in direct competition with Subaru Impreza while the Honda CR-V competes against the Forester. Subarus Tribeca faces tough competition from SUVs such Ford Edge and Pontiac Torrent, while the Outback is up against while Ford Escape and Dodge Magnum. Toyota Acura and Lexus IS provide solid competition to the Subaru Legacy. However, Subarus symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD) technology gives it an edge over its competitors, as it provides better traction and handling to its customers.

The car manufacturing industry has come a long way since its inception and the infusion of technology into cars is very apparent from the presence of global positioning satellite (GPS) equipment, media players and antilock braking systems (ABS) in todays cars. Although Subaru has embraced technology well, there is still room for improvement as BMW cars are far more advanced when it comes to onboard electronics. Subaru has to work on this area to become more technologically-evolved and cope with a future with limitless possibilities.

In an era where the consumer has unlimited options, Subaru has taken the right approach letting customers customize many aspects of the car. However, lot of other rival brands such as Honda and Nissan also allows the car to be personalized according to customer preferences. As the car market in the United States has almost reached a saturation point, both General Motors and Toyota have already done this by investing a lot of countries around the world. Therefore, Subaru needs to shift its focus to other emerging markets like India and China to ensure sustainable business.

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