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Published: 2019-11-21 22:03:00
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SUMMARY: Our organization is adding a new department for the companys strategic plan to enter a new market segment. As the manager for the new department for Team A, one must evaluate each team member to include myself. This evaluation should consist of any current situations that may arise, culture, and any urgent matters. To approach this in a sensible manner, one should use any principles or methodology along with any best practices or guidelines that can assist with coming to any decisions that may need to be made. Prior to arriving at any conclusions, meetings will need to take place with current management and the team to assess the plans put forth.

These meetings with management should include a brainstorming session, while at the same time provide management the opportunity to critique and analyze any results, and therefore provide any valuable feedback that may come from these meetings. This will help to identify any strengths and weaknesses of the plans that are currently in the developing stage, thus allowing Team A to make the necessary changes to help ease the transitioning of the new department. In todays world, teams are now becoming an intricate part of many organizations as they begin to shift toward team environments. As organizations shift towards team environments, it provide opportunities for multiple personality types to come together thus increasing the chance for success throughout the company.


In order to develop a great team, the team must understand the companys goals and expectations of what management is requiring within the new department. As the leader of the team, one has to know what the team needs are and provide any tools necessary to accomplish those goals expected from us. As the manager of this new department, I will evaluate each member of the team, to include myself and try to properly define or identify the personality type of each individual. After providing the Jungian 16-Type Personality assessment to each team member, the result for one individual was the ENFP personality type and the results of the remaining 3 members that includes myself were ENTP personality type (University of Phoenix, 2014).


Team Member Jerry Villanueva Jerrys assessment score is ENFP. ENFP personality types identify individuals like Jerry as outgoing because he is people oriented. It also mentions he has a creative side and is a highly optimistic person. Another thing about an ENFP personality type is that these individuals are inspiring, expressive, social and values-oriented. They do not like to miss out on anything that is going on around them and like to experience social events (Personality Max, 2007 2014). Jerry can be beneficial in that his personality type provides energy to the team and is enthusiastic in this new endeavor presented to Team A. He can be an advocate through his support for the team while displaying his vision for the big picture. Jerry can be exciting for the team because he is a passionate individual and is energetic when around people (Personality Max, 2007 2014).

Team Member Jason Sanford, Janette Salgado, and Eddie Trevizo The remaining team members, Jason, Janette, and Eddies assessment score is ENTP. ENFP personality types identify individuals such as Jason, Janette, and me as innovative people who are looking for new ideas or a new way of doing things. Though we can be individualistic in pursuing our thoughts or actions, an ENTP personality type is also versatile in that one is able to do many different things or have many different uses and can embrace a variety of skills. ENTP is also entrepreneurial. In other words, one is willing to take the risk of accepting a new challenge such as becoming the manager of Team A. ENTP personality types like to be the originator through logic, curiosity, and like to invent as possibilities can seem endless in an endeavor such as this. The willingness to contribute is also a positive and can be intellectual (Personality Max, 2007 2014).


Determining what is a true sense of urgency. Urgency does not necessarily mean that the new department is in crisis mode. Goals must still be met and as a manager one should take a look at the big picture to determine what needs are not being met. Do not change ones expectations on what should get done. As a manager, one must look around to determine how to establish a sense of urgency as a positive way to re-enforce company culture through positive change. Team members should develop a vision and strategy, communicate the change, and empower the employees. Team A members need to consider how to approach employees without creating panic to take the new department into the new market segment so that it becomes successful while incorporating a new management style and new positive environmental, organizational, behavioral, and work culture.


As a manager, one should adjust the management style to the current situation. One also must provide a vision, be trustworthy, and encourage team members and employees to receive positive reaction. The manager shall provide a proactive and powerful message to create motivation. Assure that the right tools are available for employees and provide the necessary training to stimulate achieve trustworthiness. Training should be provided to managers to develop understanding of how to better evaluate situations to become effective. Review the situation and involve everyone when wanting to lead across cultural barriers and become an effective leader. Leadership should follow the five dimensions which involve integrity, consistency, openness, competence, and loyalty (Coulter & Robbins, 2012).


Principles one would choose to apply from various theories such as leadership behaviors like the democratic style that involves employees in its decision making process while using feedback to coach employees. One would also incorporate the seven leadership traits which are: desire to lead, drive, honesty and integrity, intelligence, self-confidence, extraversion, and job knowledge. Combining the leadership traits and democratic style behavior can help to achieve the necessary results for the launch of the new department (Coulter & Robbins, 2012).


To conclude this memorandum, it is the desire of Team A to accept the challenge of incorporating different personalities and expertise to manage this new department. As manager, I accept full responsibility to ensure the success of this venture. Team A looks forward to creating a positive environment where visions, innovation, creativity, passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic individuals demonstrate and provide the drive to meet the companys goals and expectations are met. Team A looks forward to a new and successful venture entering this new market segment and to a successful launch of the new department.

Coulter, M., & Robbins, S. P. (2012). Management (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Personality Max. (2007 2014). Retrieved from University of Phoenix. (2014). Self-assessment library 3.4. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MGT521 website.

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