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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Both the newspapers have the headlines in large bold letters. The story is big news and as many people would be talking about it, they want to catch peoples attention so they will buy the newspaper. The Daily Star briefly explains the story NINE TOP SOCCER STARS IN GANG RAPE' which is quite specific information. I think they do this so when people look at the newspaper that is what they will read and therefore will want to know in more detail what happened, especially as it involves celebrities TOP SOCCER STARS.

I think the words GANG RAPE are in inverted commas because this is what the footballers were accused of, maybe a quote of how somebody described the offences committed. However, the Daily Mail does not explain what the article will be about on the front page as the Daily Star does. It merely states SHAMING OF SOCCER I think this is so that peoples curiosity will be raised and they will want to know who shamed soccer, what happened etc. I think both of these headlines are quite effective and would make me want to but the newspaper and so learn more about the story.

Both the front pages of the newspapers have sub-headings. The Daily Stars says, Leicester players held in Spanish roasting shame which is quite slangy and explains the article further although here are much more to be found out and will boost the interest of people who read the sub-headings. The Daily Mails sub-heading reads, Premiership stars held in custody over sex allegations. This is quite similar to the Daily Stars sub-heading as it briefly explains what the article is about. However, it is not as slangy as the Daily Stars.

A difference between the front pages is that the Daily Mail has two pictures whereas the Daily Star has none. The two pictures are of arrested footballers and they are both looking towards the text in the centre, which invites people to read it. One mans head comes out of the picture frame, which gives the newspaper article a 3D realistic impression. Both the front pages have the beginning of the article and then the reader is referred to another page where it continues. Both the newspapers have by-lines but the Daily Stars is at the top of the beginning of the article and the Daily Mails is at the top of the second column.

The two newspapers seem to have conflicting information. The Daily Mail tells us, Eight premiership stars held in custody. In contrast, the Daily Star says, Nine top soccer stars in Gang rape'. This is quite important information that they differ about. However, both the newspapers explain that one player; Steffen Freund was released on bail after being accused of failure to assist a victim. Again, the headlines are in large bold letters. They both include quotes. The Daily Mails headline reads, Players raped three tourists'.

This is very short, simple and to the point. It encourages the readers to read about such a shocking story. The quote is probably from a policeman or a spokesperson. The Daily Stars headline is quite different. It includes alliteration GANG RAPE SOCCER STARS ARE MARCHED AWAY IN MANACLES The quote is what the gang was accused of and is the common term the public knows the scandal to be. In the Daily Mail, there is a strapline reading, Leicester City stars on training break in Spain were drinking heavily and brawling before alleged attacks on women in hotel room, say staff.

This explains the story further and is quite dramatic, so will make the reader to read the article drinking heavily, brawling, and attacks on women. These terms add interest and shock the reader, especially as celebrities are involved and these people are supposed to set an example to their fans. However, in the article in the Daily Star, there is no strapline or sub-heading which gives me the impression that this newspaper is of a more simple style. The layouts of the newspapers strike me as being quite similar.

They both take up a double page spread. On the left they both have the article as well a couple of pictures, though the Daily Mail has three pictures on the left page. Both the right pages are taken up with pictures as well as a section with a picture of each player and w description of what they are accused of. However, the Daily Mails is more detailed as it also has some history on each of the footballers. Also, the Daily Mail has a small article linking with the footballers article, with the headline reading, Young, overpaid and violently out of control.

One difference is that the Daily Stars headline does not stretch across the double page, whereas the Daily Mails does. On the left page, the Daily Star has its text in the centre of the page, which makes it seem like the priority to the reader, but the Daily Mail has its text towards the left of the page, which makes it seem less important. The Daily Star has crossheads that break up the text, such as Warned and bruises. I think this is to make the text easier to read for the reader. However, the Daily Mail has no crossheads.

The Daily Mail uses language that is simple and self-explanatory, such as, They were said to have forced their way into the womens room at the exclusive La Manga resort on the Costa Calida, where the team has been on a winter training break. There are hardly any long or hard words in the text. I think this is so anybody can read this newspaper whether they are well educated or not. The Daily Star uses quite strong language, as if wanting to dramatise the story as much as possible and hold the interest of the reader.

For example, it uses: drunken night out, sex scandal, and smashed down , boisterous stars. This quite contemporary language and gives the impression that the Daily Star is aimed at a less sophisticated reader. The pictures in the newspapers are similar in some ways but not in others. Both the newspapers have the same picture of a German woman (who made the accusation) hiding from the camera under her jacket. This gives the impression that she is quite vulnerable and makes me feel sorry for her. I think the editors who chose this picture wanted o give that impression.

The picture in the Daily Mail is, however much larger than in the Daily Star and is also a cut-out. This is quite a modern way of presenting a picture and gives it a 3D effect. Both the newspapers have a section with a photograph of each player, their name and what they are accused of. However, the pictures in the Daily Mail differ to those in the Daily Star. Those in the Daily Star show the players looking like thugs. They all have violent or grumpy expressions on their faces and from these pictures we can imagine them being able to rape the women.

But, the picture in the Daily Mail shows the players with smiles on their face, looking into the camera as if to say they are in control. They do not look as thug-like as they did in the Daily Star. Both the newspapers have different picture of the hotel. I think the pictures in the newspapers are given different priorities. The two picture on the lift page of the Daily Star are small and on either side. However, the three pictures in the Daily Mail are very large and take up most of the page.

The other picture in the Daily Mail is of the soccer players lawyer, showing her with a grave expression on her face, which gives us the impression that the footballers are in trouble and she is not finding it easy helping them. Other pictures in the Daily Star are of a worried looking boss with Steffen Freund and a large picture of Coyne, one of the accused players looking scared. Both the newspapers hold quotes. The Daily Star has quotes in the middle and towards the end of the article, as does the Daily Mail.

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