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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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In Avis book, Nothing But the Truth, there is a quote from a Shakespearian play. Brutus says, No Cassius; for the eye sees not itself/But by reflection, by some other things. I think that in deeper terms, this means that a person cannot see how he or she acts unless someone acts the same way or describes it to them. This quote can be applied to the story because Philip Malloy, the main character cannot see himself clearly. In that way, I am like Philip Malloy.

I have no perception of whether my actions have positive or negatives effects and always assume that I am right. In the story, Philip blames his Language Arts teacher for not teaching well and being uptight. He claims that she is the only reason that he does not have a passing grade in that class and therefore the reason that he cannot be on the track team. My opinion is that Philip does not even consider the possibility that he may be part of the problem. I think that if only Philip would try a little harder in Miss Narwins Language Arts class, he would be able to pass.

The problem is, Philip is extremely stubborn and insists on believing that his teacher likes picking on him. He refuses to even try to even think about Miss Narwins side of the story. Miss Narwin, in Principal Doanes opinion is one of the best teachers at their school. Miss Narwin, however, thinks that her methods are too old-fashioned and wants to attend a workshop on new approaches to teach literature to students. Her request is turned down and she isnt very happy about that. I think that Miss Narwins desire to take this workshop has a little bit to do with Philip.

She knows that Philip has great potential to learn and wants to find a way to connect with him. In what Philip sees as Miss Narwin picking on him is actually an attempt to get him to do better. Sometimes I do not see things clearly either. I have a one track mind. I think that everything I do is right and it is in that way that I am like Philip. When I am wrong, I do not see why and I get frustrated and angry. When this happens I blame it on another person. I do not think about whether there might be another side to the problem or not.

To me, there is just no question of me being the cause of the trouble. But if someone would explain to me nicely and clearly, I am usually able to see the logic. In summary, the quote that is on page forty-eight of Avis book, Nothing But the Truth fits with the story nicely. The quote basically says that people need someone to tell them that not everything they do is right and that they may be the ones that are the problem. I am like that too, but as long as someone is there to help me, I will be able to understand.

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