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Published: 2020-02-01 01:40:12
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NTA & PEP Case Analysis The nuclear tube assembly room is a production unit of the American Radiatronics Corporation, one of the leading producers and an early pioneer in the nuclear electronics industry. This case deals with the approach of a manager Ralph Langley which lead to a massive improvement in the productivity of the department and about the methods are being considered to be put into action to improve the department even more and how these changes will affect the organization and employees .

Considering the fact that Ralph transformed a hot headed and chaotic group into a highly motivated and productive group shows that he was a good and successful manager. He achieved this by helping his co-workers under him in their work and by helping them improve in their skills in various fields and also by treating them with a lot of respect by appreciating them for the work they do. Considering the fact that the profits generated by the NTA room account to almost 40% of the total companys profit shows that it is a very effective part of the organization.

By appreciating workers from time to time on the work they do and by helping them improve in their field as well as by giving them opportunity to learn new things so that they get a high sense of satisfaction for the work they do helps produce such high productivity in the department. The NTA Room workers used to feel that the top management always had other things to worry about and have not cared much for the process development of the room. Ever since Ralph took over, they felt happy about the work they do and stated feeling that they are an important part of the organization.

Ralph started to treat the women in his department they way they wanted to be treated, i. e. with respect and made them feel that they were an important part of the organization and that their work in the company mattered a lot. He told them to forget about standards and work the way they feel is the best and he helped them whenever they needed advice or had any issue. The only rule he set in the department is to finish the order they received at any cost.

By doing so the women started to bring out their best and they not only improved their skill in their area but also started learning various other jobs in the department. The NTA room always had issues such as a lack of a proper engineer to tell them the right way of doing things in a particular department or to help them if they were facing problems in the department so the productivity was very low but Ralph enabled the workers to check their own faults by themselves so that they need not wait for anyone to come and figure out their problem. Because of this they became more self sufficient in their work.

Before the involvement of Ralph in the NTA room the organization had a structure that was very formal due to which the workers in this department were unable to discuss and solve their problems. The informal structure set up by Ralph in his team made them more productive and responsive in every way. By improving in their department and by learning the processes of the other jobs, the workers have been able to organize themselves in such a way that the productivity of the department increased a lot at the same time reducing the amount of expenditure caused by the department.

Though these improvements are good they can be maintained or made better by making certain changes in the department overall. Harold singer is an engineer from the companys process engineering department who is quite familiar with the operations of the NTA room. He plans on reorganizing the way the process is currently being handled in the NTA room as he feels that there is a lot of potential in that area. He seems to have no sense of appreciation on the way things were developed in the NTA room and wants to prove that things can be done in a better way due to which productivity will increase even higher.

Though his ideas might help the company in making money, his attitude and changes might ruin worker relations and can decrease their productivity levels. He needs to propose and discuss his views with ralph as he has more experience with the way things are run in the NTA room than anyone else in the company. I feel that a joint effort from both of them will lead not only to maximize the companys profits but also keep the employees happy in their jobs.

The Process Engineering Proposal Memorandum given by Dr. Virginia Daniel has a lot of good ideas and potential in terms of increasing the revenue for the company but there is a lot of suggestion in the memo which favors the fact that Harold singer will be the person in-charge indirectly to the entire NTA operations. The proposal gives a false notion that the NTA room is not operating in its full potential and throws many negative remarks on the way of operations presently being handled by Ralph. I feel that if completely implemented this proposal will end up doing more harm than good for the company. Due to this proposal, the employees in the department will start perating the way they used to prior to the leadership of Ralph.

As they will be focusing on one particular work alone their labor utilization in the department will reduce significantly. The employees might get a feeling that they are no longer an important part of the organization as even minute decision ownership is also being taken away from them. If the proposal will be put in place as it is, the STS model of the NTA room will change drastically as even though it appears that process of work will be much more controlled, there will be a negative impact on the behavior and satisfaction of the employees due to these changes.

The new process might not allow Ralph to help his team the way he used to earlier and all of this can eventually cause the team to become chaotic once again reducing the overall productivity of the NTA room and the firm as a whole. The firm expects more from the employees even though they are giving their best and are failing to identify that productivity can be increased in the department by talking to the workers and giving them the necessary help they require in a certain areas.

Suggested approach: Neil Goodrich needs to make sure that he discusses the important features of the proposed memo and should also consider an alternate for Harold Singer to work along with Ralph Langly towards implementing the new recommendations. Also Ralph needs to be given more decision making powers in the NTA room. Ralph Langly needs to understand the important features of the proposed memo and needs to propose a memo which he thinks will include certain features from the existing one while improving it in a better way.

He needs to prove that the proposal he is making will reap more benefits and should reconsider resigning in any way as it is described by the president of the company that there is a lot of challenge and satisfaction in this department which one cannot find in another area. Also there need to be dedicated technical engineers in the department who can identify potential problems and who could make suggestions on the way work can be done faster and efficiently without leaving it completely in the hands of the workers. Analysis of the 5 Rs: Rules: The rules were quite simple.

All they had to ensure was to get the work done before the estimated time and to help others without sitting idle. If the PEP is implemented the rules will be more concrete due to which their entire work pattern will change. Relationships: The once hot headed workers learned to help each other out under the direction of Ralph. Now they might go back to the phase where they will be only by themselves without much interaction with their coworkers. Responsibilities: Earlier responsibilities were shared amongst the worker and labor utilization was maximized.

Now every person will be stuck with one particular work making them less productive. Resources: The earlier process did not consist of new equipment, it was just a case where the workers utilized them to the maximum extent possible. After the PEP implementation, the NTA room will be redesigned and better tools and equipment will be provided for the employees. Rewards: The workers were given a raise by the level of skill they showed and the work done by them. In the new process, they will have less incentive to prove themselves as they will be restricted to a particular job in the department.

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