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Published: 2019-11-19 13:12:14
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1.Describe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or other factors, what resources the members need to assemble prior to a disaster where evacuation or sheltering in place is required.

Every community does have its problems and every community is made up of both the young and the old. The ages of this community ranges from 0 to 70 plus. This community needs major interventions to help improve the health status of the members of the community. Spoke to about 5 members in the community, four middle adults and one old. All the four adults did not have any source of health insurance. The older one has Medicare. When a disaster strikes, residents could be asked to get a disaster kit. The kit should be able to contain water, food, extra clothing, first aid kit, emergency items (flashlights, extra batteries, toilet papers etc). Parent with babies should have pack formula, diapers, bottles; baby wipes and diaper rash ointment.

2.Describe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or other factors, what resources that the members may need during an evacuation or sheltering in place. Most of the young and old may have minor mental problems as a result of the tragedy they go through (depression, etc.). Member may need to have any form of ID on them, which will be for their own good. The Texas 2-1-1(Texas Health and Human Service Commission), gives information and referral on shelter locations, transportation options, and support medical facilities. The Southern Baptist disaster relief also does provide services like American Red Cross, but also do assist with clean-up activities like debris removal.

3.Describe, in detail, specific to their age, health conditions, or other factors, what resources the members may need immediately after an evacuation or sheltering in place, if adequate local support is unavailable. It is advisable for members to have any form of ID on them that will be for their own good. FEMA provide federal funding and supplements state disaster relief. One other resource is the American Red Cross, emergency assistance of Red Cross offers feeding stations, shelters, cleaning supplies, household items, clothing, comfort kits, first aid, blood, credit cards etc.

4.Identify their resource deficits? List their knowledge deficits? FEMA and the American Red Cross agreed that FEMA should be the primary agency for mass care in the NRF because the primary agency should be able to direct federal agencies resources to meet mass care needs, which the Red Cross cannot (Fagnoni, 2008). Now, the deficit cut being requested by most politicians in Washington is going to make it difficult for resources to be given out adequately to victims of a disaster. One of the deficits of knowledge is how to allocate given resources. Most aggregates finds it difficult or have no idea where or how to get help in time of disasters. Although every American know about Red Cross, but most aggregate do not know where to start to get the held needed.

5.What resource or knowledge gaps can be addressed by the community health nurse to strengthen their flexible lines of defense (NSM) of the community aggregate? The community health nurse can address the gaps by first offering medical help, and by helping the community to get access to basic resources needed. Secondly, by providing the community with adequate information and ways in which to help the aggregates get the help they need. This will help give aggregates some kind of comfort and help reduce stress and pain.

6.What is the top priority knowledge deficit concern? The top knowledge deficit concern will be how aggregates will be coping. Lack of knowledge always comes with lot of stress. Without much needed information and resource, aggregates will find themselves being very anxious and will not be coping well. Basic life necessities might be difficult for aggregates to get hold off, and that puts a lot of stress on individual.

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