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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Is it the piano which is half caste? Or it is life that is half caste as he utters on the fourth stanza I close half a eye consequently where I dream, I dream¦ half dream. Through these lines I discover that in his point of view even his dreams are half! However he demands an answer as he repeated the very word Explain yuself. He wants us to him an answer for What is half caste and if it is asked to me¦ I really dont have an answer to it.

The structure of Agards poem is fairly casual and is written in his style and ascent which magnetizes the readers towards his poem, there is also a lack of punctuations which tells me that the poet want the readers to read his poem relatively fast, like a rap or song, like people speak in a debate, in a aggressive tone because the poem is protesting against the word Half caste that is why I think there are lack of punctuations because it suits the theme of the poem. The similarities which I found between the two poems are that both of the poets wrote about their cultural identity.

Both Sujata and Agard used rhetorical questions and enjambments on the poem. Equally the poets are looking for an answer, Bhatt is looking for why she cant speak Gujarati? Why cant she use both of her tongues? And Agards just looking for the meaning of Half caste. The differences I found between them are that Bhatt used stacks of rhetorical questions which helped us understand her point of view over having two tongues and lose the mother tongue on the other hand Agards using repetition as his poetic device to explore his arguments and anger over the word Half caste.

To me Half caste is more appealing than Search for my tongue because John Agards using plenty of rhetorical questions and repetitions than Bhatt; his poems structure is vastly eye catching in addition. After reading these poems, the facts I learnt about their cultural identity are that both of them loves their culture, they loves where they are from, loves their background and wants to spread their culture all over the world which were the main agendas behind writing these poems. After reading these poems I learnt where I belong to, how can I represent my culture all over the world¦

finally these two poems taught me to be proud and respective towards my and everybodys culture. As Im asked which poet would I empathise with? I will go along with John Agard rather than Sujata Bhatt because he is fighting for just one answer which is What do you mean by the word Half Caste he quoted most of the time on the poem Explain yuself, he is protesting against the word Half caste he is objecting adjacent to racism which is really effective to me, this poem taught me how to protest against those unpleasant words and that is why I have chosen John Agard as my role model.

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