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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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People who lived through the days prior to the release of personal computers in the mainstream probably put in a more profound appreciation for the benefits provided by the software suite, Microsoft Office. Nowadays, the programs bundled into the application may appear rudimentary to most people to call them as common office programs. And yet imagine how tedious it would be or it may have been for professionals in the old days in the absence of an electronic word processor, spreadsheet and presenter. Think how archaic and sluggish the workplace is if companies still relied on typewriters, calculators and acetates over overhead projectors.

Those were the good old days and definitely you wouldnt want to take a back seat with technology. Microsofts version of a word processor seems to be like manna from heaven. And why is that? The program allows you to do gentle key stokes for typing; perform erasures through backspace and delete functions; save, print and access again your work at a future time. In a typical office setting, Microsoft Word has become the key application to encode all those paperwork from correspondences, text documents and reports in no time.

Moreover, file management of text documents has become a breeze while saving much needed space since all files are virtually stored as a database on the PCs hard disk. Now the secretary need not browse manually the files but instead look them up with virtual folders, open and edit if necessary, and of course print as many pages as possible and rush them over to the waiting boss. Computing financials reports for revenues and expenses must have been totally intricate previously. Imagine all those figures you need to summarize using your calculator just so you could generate the totals for sales reports and income statements.

And in case you pressed the wrong set of figures, then you derive incorrect sums and now you have to do it all over again. Most likely, there are greater chances for error when computations are done manually. But with Microsoft Excel, accurate financial reports are easier to produce. All you need to do is input the figures on the cells and the program provides quite a number of functions to make computations easier for you. Sum up hundreds or even thousands of figures in mere seconds. Better yet, work with formulas for more specific computations.

In the past, corporate personnel had to take with them acetates and slides to play over those heavy overhead and slide projectors during presentations. Sure that was costly while limiting the presenter with static images of corporate information. Today, Microsoft PowerPoint has become commonplace for presentations inside boardrooms and even classrooms. Talk about convenience for the presenter who can not only put graphics and other images seamlessly to facilitate discussions but also create as many slides necessary, free from the hassles of printing them into acetates.

Personal Gains As a matter of personal assessment, I am confident that I would be able to efficiently handle a going concern or business in the future, given the availability of Office applications. Now that Ive learned so much about the functionalities of Microsoft Excel, I am sure that monitoring the companys cash flow will be easier than it used to be. Using spreadsheets, I will be able to organize efficiently all the inflows in one worksheet and the outflows in another one.

Moreover, I could easily generate totals for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sums in a flash and as often as I want to. Apart from that, I can instantly generate a statement of cash flows in another worksheet through the use of simple formulas. Best of all, excel output can interface with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Therefore, if I need my report printed as a text file, I can copy and paste pertinent cells to MS Word and re-layout. If I need excel data for a presentation, all I need to do is copy and paste info over to MS PowerPoint. Indeed, work is easier with Office applications.


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