On the Analects of Confucius Essay

Published: 2020-02-23 12:31:44
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Confucius is one of the most influential philosophers over the history. His writings have served as basis for most of the peoples daily way of living. In his writing, the Analects, he stressed that the confidence of people towards their ruler must be held foremost against anything else, because in the absence of this, a state cannot progress. In the issue of virtue, he said that returning to propriety is the best virtue.

This means that a man shall in no case, misbehave towards other people, to not do things you would wish not be done against you In the area of governance, he speaks of governing a country by means of rectifying the state, and by leading the people with correctness. And in employing the services of his subordinates, a ruler must be able to forgive small faults and to promote his men by merits of virtue and of talents.

And on the issue of trade system, Confucius sayings insist that the government must be the one to render protection and support towards their men. By this, means that the peasant sector is being given enough support and subsidy by the state, as such to lessen the burden on their part. For Confucius, maintaining a balanced and strong economy is a prerequisite to the strength of the state, thus can in turn, offer citizens empowerment and less vulnerable to abuse.

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