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Published: 2020-02-16 15:02:29
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This year I want to be accepted to one of the best art college, to follow my dream. To achieve this there is one thing on my mind and that is to graduate high school. While in school I want to attend Skills USA and compete in the graphic design area, to go all the way to nationals. This will help me get into a fantastic art college. Another thing I need to do is improve on my skills of an artist,and build my portfolio to create a showcase for others to see my work. Once in college Im looking to major in graphic design or photography.

Im planning,after majoring in graphic design to take some extra courses in photography for two more years,so thats a total of six years of college. To do this I need grants,loans,finical aid and have a job to help me save money. Also I will have to work on not procrastinating and try to get my work done on time since in the industry, deadlines are critical. Once achieving these goals, I would like to start my own business for photography and designing. Once the business is running smoothly I want to travel the world for a few months,to create an album of my travels through photography.

Further more into the future I would like to teach a vocational high school. As for myself Im a friendly guy ,who wants to achieve high goals for myself. Hard-worker is my middle name once I get started; I love to see people happy when completing a project for them. Fine arts is one thing I cant live without, Im constantly painting,sculpting,or even drawing. As hobbies being outside is what I love,activities I do are hiking,kayaking,skateboarding,ice-skating,running,and playing football. Most of all being with my family never gets old,taking pictures of them and the memories that are captured within.

One thing I want to do is publish a book of photos,these photos will be from all over the world. Each picture will have a mood within it. Places to go! For my book I would really like to visit South America,Egypt,France,Italy,Turkey,Africa,Australia,and England. This is me and my goals that I will achieve when Im an adult,there will be struggles in my way but I will have to go around them. Such as everyday problems not having enough money for my bills or for food. Even as I paint I mess-up on it, I will have to find my own way to get around it. This is me and my dreams hope the best of luck for me.

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