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Published: 2020-01-07 03:02:36
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The research used a quantitative methodology based on the approach advocated by Williams (2009). This study was conducted by questionnaire and investigated university teaching staff attitudes to the use of mobile phones in tutorials (see Appendix 1). The questionnaire used Likert scales to assess social attitudes (Jones 2007) to student mobile phone use and provided open ended responses for additional comments. The survey was voluntary and anonymous. A total of 412 questionnaires were distributed online to randomly selected staff from each of the three colleges within the university. The completed questionnaires were returned by email.

Sample Design and Selection
The overall sampling strategy was to generate large and equal-sized samples of voters and non-voters. In addition, over-sampling was required in less populous regions to allow statistically meaningful analysis of the results for those areas. The following table presents the regional quotas established for this study The purpose of the research was to study the consumer behavior in online shopping of electronics especially in Pakistan. The main research question in thesis is how consumers behave while shopping online. Primary data was collected through the questionnaire survey and by emails from personal contacts in two major cities of Pakistan. Price, time saving and convenience were identified as important factors which lead to certain buying behavior in online shopping. The www is rebuild around people where social circles influence and lead to online buying.

Chapter 6 Overall Conclusions

This chapter provides an overall conclusion how the project has been directed. What has been achieved during this project and also my personal thoughts in developing the web site. My personal thoughts in how present development may shape the future of online apparel shopping. Finally the last section is my appraisal of the project. 6.1 Achievements

The primary aim of this project has been met. All the objectives that were set out have been completed and giving positive results in the end.

Although some users comment that they did not think shopping for clothing online was ideal, it has managed to convince them to try in the future.

When reading articles and looking at websites it was discovered that online clothes shopping websites lacked interactivity to help the consumer to imagine themselves in the clothing, which made clothing web sites not a popular method of shopping for clothes.

Reported from PricewaterhouseCoopers the top most reason that discourage people from buying clothes online was that they were not able to try on clothes. A possible solution is to create a paper doll model where consumers can select an item of clothing and it would be shown on the paper doll that can be rotated to view the clothing from different angles.

The consumers should be able to customise the paper doll according to their statistics, so that when an outfit is clicked then the paper doll should display the outfit in the size of the paper doll.

In developing the prototype the paper doll was created in Flash. The womens department section was the only part that was developed for testing and evaluating.

Some of the replies from the evaluation survey commented that the Flash animation of the paper doll did improve interaction and that it helped them to better imagine the clothing on them. However, some said that even though the paper doll help to increase imagination, there is no way to feel the quality of the material, which somehow discourage them to shop for clothes online. This was the second most top reason in what PricewaterhouseCooper stated. A possible solution is Mixed Reality Merchandising.

The hypothesis of better interaction features in clothing websites may improve sales of the Internet is true to a certain point that it is used as another channel to do business in, but cannot fully replace the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

In recent studies in this field, several possible solutions have come to help shopping online more interactive.

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