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Over the past years the desire to obtain an online degree has increased. Although many adults want the flexibility in scheduled online courses has to offer, many technical problems arise with online classes as many middle aged parents or full time employees take a chance with online classes. They are prepared for the online problems that will arise such as software errors. Traditional classes require the use of a heavy and bulky textbook and the courses are not as flexible as online classes, you are offered e-books and are not required to keep attendance and commute between campuses. Middle age students are more probable to prosper in online schooling than a traditional college student. Middle age students have greater responsibility and maturity. Traditional college students from ages 18 through 21 profit from a social atmosphere that a traditional college campus tends to offer. Many adults have families or full time jobs and regard college as an educational location and not a social life.

For younger students, college means newborn liberty since they can live away from parents. One key advantage of studying online is the flexibility of your schedule. Yes, online classes do offer flexibility to study to a degree but it does not mean that you can start taking your classes frivolously. An online education course is beneficial specifically for working students who are required to balance their schedule between working and studying and possibly even taking care of children. By online education programs, a student can use their time more efficiently to attend courses without depriving them of a job is, it is highly commended that the person committing to online courses have a great skill in time management and not have problems in procrastinating they must set priorities courses before having fun and partying. Colleges around the world have adopted online education, as it eliminates many utilities that take to manage a classroom.

As said by Online Degree Direct today, more than 60% of colleges and universities including Harvard, Duke University and Pennsylvania State University offer online degrees. That is more than half the schools and it includes some of the largest and well-known colleges. Online classes are considerably affordable due to utilities such as desks, tables, test material and paper material not to mention electronics for the classroom, being eradicated with online schooling, there are some necessities that are kept such as your everyday scientific calculator for your math class, with so many utilities and electronics being eliminated cost of tuition will not be as costly as some might think. It is well known that once you are put in a social environment you are deemed to socialize and devote less time studying and more time partying, One remarkable bit of feedback is that home-school students perform 15%-20% better in studies than their friends who go to a traditional school. (Miller, 2010)

That means distraction and drama must have been eliminated or greatly reduced student social life becomes a big part of traditional schooling particularly in secondary school; The student must give much more attention and focus toward their studies on online classes as you can typically create a schedule to fit your desires. Many know the traditional setting of a classroom with the personal direct interaction with students and teachers meeting at a specific time, textbooks and additional accessories must be bought thus leading to a higher tuition fee, and not to mention they are heavy and bulky which would most likely lead to the purchase of a backpack it can also be out of stock and cause study delays whereas online eBooks can be bought and used instantaneously you have all your eBooks stored on one device and can be web integrated.

A commute among campus and home, which is followed by gas consumption and punctuality whereas if you are taking online courses you are not obliged to wake up early or spend your gas on commuting to classes; Student interaction and participation is advised to succeed in a traditional classroom. During our scholastic involvements as youngsters and teenagers, we became familiarized to sitting in a class with many students, being navigated by the instructor, taking paper exams at our desks (however a lot of that is shifting quite fast), and learning inside planned time frames. For a select few of us a deviation from our ordinary learning might be grounds for anxiety and frustration. According to the text learning is what happens to the organism as a result of experience (Le Francois, G. (2011)). Traditional and online courses are two different schooling experiences. In my opinion it takes a lot to try and pay attention any learn in any type of school setting.

There are different techniques used in traditional learning and the instructor has the choice to choose the technique she would like to instruct the students, there is the person on person technique, which consists of teacher focused instruction. It depends on the teacher, she can instruct the student on how she would like to explain the lesson, whether it be run an instructional video or work out exercises with the student. There is classroom education which consists of possible 3 techniques, a direct instruction, which entails more directed instruction and less students seat work it can be especially effective with time management due to students having to keep the same pace as the instructor most instructors who prefer lecturing would select this technique because it can help keep the class on schedule and benefit the instructor by allowing the students to absorb the information in their specific manner.

Another technique is seat work which has to be one of the widely used techniques as students work individually at their desks, and it may include reading silently or working out problems, exercises or creating presentations or conducting a research, it can also be a disadvantage to teachers as they might have to grade the work which is time consuming and can also be time consuming for students as most work that is not done in class must be taken home and completed. Students can also conduct subject lead approach where the teacher can give a topic and students can expand it and present it to the classroom, this is a less structured than the traditional technique but the learning can go in multiple directions and can be quite beneficial for the students, it does require critical thinking, collaborative work and problem solving, but it does allow the student to voice their choice to a certain extent, usually student teacher communication is much stronger as the socialization in the classroom is more likely to occur compared to online learning. Most would think that online learning entails having a computer and a quiet environment to focus.

Also a small understanding and minimum computer understanding in order to be prosperous in an online education you also must be comfortable in using online search engines to search for resources on research papers and other online tools such as emails and newsgroups or a community content manager which the instructor would select to help organize his or her lessons. It however does not involve a commute between a campus and home on an average basis as gas prices are rising and are quite high online classes would be saving you a lot of money, especially if commute is between multiple campuses that are in considerable long distance. But it does have a highly flexible schedule. Keeping a stable speed through your online courses is required to be successful, that being said there is a lot of convenience that accompany online classes. Students and Teachers can access their courses anytime, and from anywhere in the world meaning if you are considering vacation time it wouldnt hurt to bring the laptop to stay updated as long as there is internet or Wi-Fi connection there will not be a problem.

Although there are some system updates and upgrades that is a simple sacrifice and doesnt matter as they warn you ahead of time of the update. Whereas traditional courses taken in high school or any school requires you to be on time no matter what the case even if you are ill and need medical attention if you miss the course it is up to you to make get caught up while trying to keep up with the course, heaven forbid you have a doctors appointment or a death in your family, this can be a huge factor to why as students drop out of high school. If you have a doctors appointment while attending online courses it is easy and simple to arrange your schedule to complete everything in a timely manner. As utilities are not needed typically a tuition fee is adequately low utilities such as air conditioning and all lab materials or other electronics such as computers or any projection system, whatever it may be it is a small fee the school adds to your tuition, for the most part textbooks are not needed with online learning as eBooks are provided it eliminates miserable back pain or carrying heavy bulky books around or purchasing a backpack to haul the supplies around.

There is possible participation with students around the country for online elaboration exercises it is nice to have a diversity of individuals to participate in an online elaboration, you must also be motivated to participate in online courses as there is no community feeling with online courses as to traditional classrooms but usually online collaborative courses are more active and experience more participation due to it being done over the computer. Technology has come a long way to make sure online programs are much more dependable. There might still be some flaws but they are less likely of happening than mistakes of the past. Dwyer, Barbieri, and Doerr are researchers from Cornell University who have expressed that the online learning method has revolutionized our ways of learning and have given us amplified chances to learn in a new and exciting way and have also stated The web provides significant new functionality in transmitting information to the student and providing forums for exchange. The web is revolutionizing some areas of study through increased opportunities for learning and alternative formats for information.

And this explains that the internet provides a whole new thrilling way to communicate, and that the internet has transformed and advanced the way we study and learn as it provides us unlimited access to knowledge. The concept that you have all the course information at your hands 24 hours of the day seven days of the week for access and fast support from your teacher, whether it is over the email system, through instant messenger or on call, it is nice to have an instructor there when you are in need of contacting of course within a reasonable timing. A huge advantage to online classes is you do not have to be concerned about how you are clothed you are not required to purchase clothing every year, you could be in your favorite pajamas and it wouldnt matter, and you are not required to follow a dress code as a traditional school have implemented, you do not have to rush every morning to get dressed and rush off to school you also do not have to follow the current fashion style, you can simply direct your energy to focusing on your courses.

Online learning requires students to be motivated and inspired and not expect to have everything handed to them. It becomes the students accountability to cooperate with fellow students and make the social part of the course flourish and grow and create the online community feeling to the course. Students who thought they are outcasts or harassed because of social prejudices or of their sexuality are now capable to be who they wish to be. It allows them to choose their own outward appearance. They are able to start a fresh start and not be judged for their past. Online learning also contains benefits which are not found in traditional learning, for example: time to process the material and replying, improved communication between the student, information being developed and shifted between the students themselves, and the capability to conduct an open conversation, where each student gets more of an equal opportunity than in a one on one discussion.

Flexibility is available in an online learning environment; a traditional course meets during a specified time, on a campus. You either show up for the course or you miss the opportunity of learning. In an online course, though, you can login at any time within reasonable time and complete your work. An instructor might assign you an assignment for the week and expect you to finish that assignment on you own time within that week. If you have to do your work last minute, you are allowed to, as long as you finish it by the deadline. If you have Internet and a computer, you dont ever have to leave your room in order to accomplish your course requirements.

Motivation is not as much of an issue when attending a traditional classroom an instructor meets with his/her students on a daily basis. They give straight forward instruction on the class materials, questions and of the coming due dates, and provides person to person help if any issues where to arise. They are physically there to understand what you are going through whether it is the weather the reason you didnt complete an assignment or any other issue whereas online classes, whereas online instructors are still accessible for help, but limited to email or phone text messages or calls. Students in an online class need to motivate themselves to finish the work, and if they need assistance, they need to take the initiative to get in touch with the instructor. Students need to manage their own to be able to balance their life responsibility such as a personal job and/or family responsibilities.

Generation X parenting is causing an increase in rude pampered students who are vulgar and are not concerned of their future. They have become so used to their parents taking care of them, they do not have appreciation of what they have been provided with. They tend to take advantage and are not aware of the blessings they are given every day whether it is free schooling or a daily meal. Generation X parents tend to be over protective or their children, or believe that there kids must be whipped into being successful where as baby boomer parents knew that they were going to be just fine.

Online learning atmospheres continue to evolve, particularly with the rapid evolution of Technology. An understanding of the online environments can lead to better structure of teaching and a better approach to the learning that occurs when using online learning environments. Many institutions have and are bearing in mind online learning environments as an only technique for the distribution of instruction, eradicating or substituting the individual face-to-face contact supplied in the traditional classroom. Investigation is needed to determine the effects on the understanding that online learning environments will have.

Online education has rapidly become not just an acceptable pedagogy, but one that is in strong demand. Recent statistics reveal that enrollment in online programs increased an estimated 832 percent between 2001 and 2009 (Burnsed, 2010) online education is widely used to work with a much more flexible schedule, you are not obliged to be ready at a certain time nor are you obliged to commute as the classroom is at the top of your figure tips however it does require a bit more motivation on behalf of the student toward education, it requires self-motivation and a touch of involvement and passion toward your classes.

In Conclusion online schooling can be a very fulfilling experience for individuals wanting to complete their education in a non-traditional education atmosphere. It is well known that mature self-motivated adults are much more successful in an online environment as they have a flexibility in schedule as it allows them to control when and where they study, online programs are fit to students who have solid and strong time managing skills and those who function better in an independent learning environment. Online classes are also best fit for those individuals who have a full time job or a family to take care of, or other family commitment.

Younger elementary or secondary school aged students, and students who are dependent learners, may find it tough to accept the responsibilities vital by an online program as it takes focus and determination to complete a course successfully. Traditional schooling advantages are having many students studying in the same classroom which comes with the benefit of the exchange of thoughts, ideas and question with each other which is something rarely found in online classes. Hands on interaction with the professor in the long run, you make the final choice as to which education best suits you.

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