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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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I. How do you think Louis XVIs qualities as a good leader led to the French Revolution?A. Louis XVI did not have confidence in himself, which made it impossible foranyone to have confidence in himB.A mediocre leader could run any country into debt, but only a miserable leader could let a Revolution happen that is negative for the current governmentC.Many of the people doubted him many times, and he could not fool an entire country into thinking the current system (Old Regime) wasnt broken and didnt need to be fixed

II. In your opinion, what were the most major causes for the French Revolution?A.Old Regime1.Third estate treated ridiculously unfairly2.97% of people poor, impoverished and oppressedB.Enlightenment1.3rd Estate had little no say in government2.Prior, they were told what to think3.Enlightenment made people think and rethink all aspects of society4.Challenged church and government5.Led to people taking actionC.Estates-General Meeting1.Gave the 3rd Estate a voice2.Led to the creation of the National Assembly3.Made the 3rd Estate realize they can force change

III. How large of an impact did the Enlightenment have on the French Revolution?A.Led to other things; got the ball moving on the subjectB.Let people think everything over for themselves, without a government bias

IV. One of the historians in the film called the French Revolution the crossroads of themodern world. What does this mean, do you agree with this claim?A.No, American Revolution1.Happened around the same time, but America went through the Industrial Revolution first2.France declined after the revolution, as America skyrocketed3.America destroyed a world power, France destroyed themselvesB.Still many other monarchys in place at this time

V. What kind of leader was Robespierre? Do you think he did a good job representing theFrench people?A.Described as an incorruptible leaderB.Better leader than Louis XVIC.Became power hungry, declined at the end of his reign1.Was reason for Reign of Terror2.Killed people he was afraid ofD.Did a good job, kept the Revolution going and helped it along

VI.. Why do you think the initial goals of the Revolution became so distorted during theReign of Terror? Why do you think Robespierre had so much fear of politicaltraitors?A.Not sure if Robespierre was for or against the RevolutionB.New issues came up over timeC.Preoccupied with fearing for your lifeD.Feared political traitors because he was greedy1.Liked being in office2.Didnt want anyone to take that away from him3.Could trust no one

VII. What were the most important long term effects of the French Revolution?A.Democracy in FranceB.Bastille Day

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