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Published: 2020-02-17 17:01:43
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Health club membership sales is among the most useless of services available today. The potential of personal trainers and aerobic instructors are highly overrated. A couple of thousand dollars and 8 months later for a service that cost only $20. 00 per month, in the beginning, has not put the customer any closer to his or her goals. Of course, there are no refunds or guarantees. There are so many alibis in the fitness industry as to why the person did not get the results they wanted. The person did not follow a low fat diet, the persons metabolism is slow, the person has bad genetics.

Now the fitness industry speaks of something call metabolic damage. This, and other invented health problems coming up out of nowhere, is more alibis as to why a person cannot achieve their fitness goals. The health club industry remains overrated. People think these fitness professionals are fabulous for passing on all this useless information. Health clubs and fitness professionals are overrated because it offers a service that people cannot buy. No one can buy motivation. Anyone motivated to push their physical capacity in a gym, run on the road in front of their house.

They do not allow money, or lack there of, to stand in their way. In the seventies and early eighties, people did not need designer shoes; do not have bad backs from running on pavements, or doing crunches and so on. Teaching kids they cannot run without a hundred dollar pair of Nikes is telling them they cannot be physically fit without money. Oprah Winfrey is a millionaire. She can afford to have her chef accompany her 24 hours a day. She can afford the best personal trainers the fitness industry has to offer.

Oprah had fantastic results. Oprah, as so many others, gives all the credit to her personal trainer and cook. Many people credit Oprahs weight loss to her ability to afford a personal trainer. She gained the weight back. Her financial status stayed the same, or perhaps increased. Anyone can assist someone through an exercise routine. Madonna on the other hand, stays fit. Her weight does not fluctuate. Madonna and the public over evaluate her personal trainers. She is quoted for saying everyone needs a personal trainer.

Madonnas dedication to practice yoga for an hour, Pilates for another hour, workout in the gym for another hour, then do aerobic activity for another hour has nothing do with her personal trainer. Most personal trainers and fitness professionals say that is doing way too much. Aerobic instructors and personal trainers very seldom come from an athletic background. They are mindlessly passing on information they acquired through a course they had to be certified through to get employed. The industry is set up for people to get no results. There is no continuing money coming in when people get what they pay for.

About 90% of the overrating of fitness services is psychological. People were in shape when low fat diets were popular; they were in shape when low fat diets were never heard of. People were physically fit with high carbohydrate diet. The same people who switched to a high protein did not change physically. Millions of people continue to pay for fitness professionals to tell them it is their fault, or their genetics why they are overweight, to slow, to old, and have limited flexibility. These same people really believe these people who have a certificate on the wall are great for telling them about their physical limitations.

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