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Published: 2016-08-18 12:27:19
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Lying generally is a bad habit. Sometimes, lying helps people to avoid problems without harming other while in other cases it causes disastrous effects. In this essay I will explain why do people lie and what are the effects of this bad habit on individuals and society. Reasons of telling lies are wide and complicated. People start telling lies because that gives them a specialty. They can pretend that they know things nobody else knows in order to receive something in return. For example: an employee lies to his boss in order to get a promotion or a wife lies to her husband in order to take his money. Other people lie to avoid getting into trouble or punishment.

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This kind of people does not harm others but they cover embarrassing facts in front of others. For example, a kid lies to his mother in order to avoid her anger. Whatever the reason, lies have negative impact on individuals and society. Liar becomes a mistrusted person and his long-term credibility is at risk. Consequently, he is less likely to be believed in future if he was found out.

Persons who are lied to also suffer if they found out because they feel they were deceived and treated as person who does not deserve the truth. As a result they may seek revenge. Social cohesion will be affected also from this bad habit. Lying may become an accepted practice in some places. It becomes harder for people to trust each other or the institutions of society. As a conclusion, although some lies do not affect individuals or society, telling lies becomes easy habit and then people start telling harmful lies.

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