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Published: 2020-02-18 10:52:11
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Personal responsibility means that I have the discipline to put a plan together. This allows me, to create achievable goals. In order to succeed during each of my college courses. My overall success in my college courses is very important to my end goal. My end goal is to attain my degree in Psychology. The psychology degree is to be able to better work with and help children in the child protective services system.

Time and stress management are the two biggest obstacles, which I must overcome. To manage my stress; I need to utilize a calendar to create a schedule. Utilizing a calendar, in which I make a schedule will not only overcome my stress and time obstacles, but also my procrastination. The utilization of a calendar will allow myself the time break down each part of my day and week, I can effectively devote time to my family, homework and working around the house by dividing up my day accordingly without wasting or losing time.

Dave Ellis, author of becoming a Master Student, said it best Time is an equal opportunity resource. All of us, regardless of gender, race, creed, or national origin, have exactly the same amount of hours in a week. No matter how famous we are, no matter how rich or poor, we get 168 hours to spend each week-no more, no less. Time is something I cannot afford to lose when it comes to my family or school and in some cases there is not a do over button I can press.

Time and stress management will be the two biggest hurdles I must master for the sake of my success at the college level. Not only will must I master these hurdles for the sake of my college success but also my professional goals. My team mates must attempt to master these goals as well. As a student I will be working with teams throughout the entire time I am in college. Working in teams is a part of the fundamental, we are taught as children to work together with others to complete a task. The one way I see to succeed with a team is by creating a network of activity as outlined in chapter 8 of Project Management written by Jack R. Meredith and Samuel J. Mantel

The way the authors talk about a project and are creating a network of activity which shows the activity and event relationships between the tasks in a project. This shows what specific task each individual will undertake, who they will coordinate with and what resources they will use. It ensures that proper communication takes place and identifies when the project will be completed to include which processes will take the longest and how long each person can take without delaying the project. This will ensure that my team and I keep our personal responsibilities in perspective without failing the class and ourselves. By using this method, everyone will know what the expectations are while completing an assignment.

When it comes to being a responsible student, I know that my own personal responsibility is important to how well I do in college. I have to make a plan from the start. This plan I make will include all of my long term goals as well as my short term goals. I will be able to keep my long term goals, in sight while making small changes to my short term goals to keep myself on course. I will begin my plan by using a yearly calendar for each year along with each college year. This way I can write down all of my long term goals up to graduation on the calendars.

The calendars will break down into daily increments of time. I can use the days or weeks to mark down short term goals or make changes to them as I need. These calendars will also allow me to include time out of my day to devote to my family and other activities. The use of calendars and reminders will also assist in my team projects when communication is necessary I can pencil in the time I need to set aside for team work projects.

The use of daily planners is will assist me beyond my college responsibility. They will also help to keep me on time for personal events with my family and court hearings for my foster children. Using calendars will keep all of my planned times with homework and other activities from bleeding over into each other. This plan of action will allow me to achieve all of my goals and keep me on course so I can complete my degree.

The completion of my degree is my responsibility so that I may complete my goal to become a child psychologist. It is my personal responsibility to pay for my college classes and materials and study for the courses I take. Responsibility is essential for my success as a student, so that I do not take my education lightly and waste the time of my instructors of class mates. I must take into account that my instructor and class mates depend on my personal responsibility to attend class and complete my assignments in a timely fashion.

In conclusion by taking personal responsibility of my actions in my education and professional and personal life I will become a successful individual. I will be able to complete my short term and long term goals and commitments, when taking responsibility. I can translate these small victories and experiences into college success for my class mates, team mates and myself. I must keep in mind and never forget that it is my personal responsibility to attend class and complete all my course work for my degree. Once I have the personal pride in knowing and seeing the achievements of my personal responsibility, I will be able to share this with my family. Finally, once I have passed each and every one of my college courses this will also lead to my attaining my long and short term goal and also lead to becoming a college graduate.

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