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Published: 2020-02-12 03:11:57
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1) School Organizations Describe any organizations or activities at school in which you have participated, and highlight any achievements for which you were recognized or leadership positions.

During school, I spent much of my time involved in outside organizations volunteering in pharmacies, working several jobs.  I worked these jobs in order to learn more about the U.S. culture.  I am originally from Iran (born in the U.S. but raised in Iran), and while I was studying there, I served as a T.A. for a high school chemistry class.  This was a strong role for me, in order to learn about helping people, and learn more about chemistry, two important ideas I will need for pharmacy school.

2)Community Service Describe any community service related activities for which you have volunteered, and highlight any accomplishments.

My most recent volunteer experience is almost my most relevant one.  From October through December, 2007, I volunteered at the Care Plus pharmacy.  This enabled me to truly help people as well as learn more about my future career.  As a volunteer in the pharmacy, I helped people to learn about various health products, improving their quality of life.  After the first couple of months in this job, I was able to continue as paid staff because of the satisfactory job that I did.  I was proud to continue serving peoples health needs.

3)Outside Interests Describe hobbies, recreational interests or other personally rewarding activities in which you participate, and elaborate on their importance to you.

Beyond my school and work, I had many other hobbies and interests.  Since I grew up in Iran, one area of major interest to me is American culture.  To study American culture, I have taken several different jobs, including at Starbucks, Nordstroms, and Macys.  These jobs helped me to learn English better, as well as to understand Americans in general.  I also worked for Caloptima Insurance company, which allowed me to understand the American medical system better, and to continue to help people.

I feel that knowing the American culture is very important, since I am still fairly new to this country.  I find the culture fascinating.  In my job as a salesperson, I was able to become a top salesperson through communication and understanding people.  I really love to work with people and help them in all situations, so this was very exciting for me.

4)Intellectual Interests Sharing intellectual interest is an important aspect of professional life. Describe a book, class, or activity that you find intellectually exciting and specify your reasons.

One of my favorite intellectual activities was being a TA.  I enjoyed assisting a professor (working with a professional colleague) as well as teaching students.  It was a way for me to look at information in a new light.  This is a skill I will need as a pharmacist, when Ill be talking to patients who do not have any medical training, and who may be worried or scared by their recent diagnosis and newly prescribed medication.  I will need to be able to explain any relevant information to them on a level they can understand.  I feel that my experience as a TA for high school students has prepared me well for this aspect of my career.

5)Other Information (Optional) You may use the space below to tell us anything else you would like us to know about you.

I was born in U.S., but due to my parents divorce, I moved to Iran at age three to live with my grandparents.  This gives me a very unique perspective on the world and the cultures in it.  In todays America, being culturally aware and sensitive is a huge issue.  Coming from a background that is both Iranian and American, I feel that I am unusually aware of and sensitive to multicultural people and perspectives.

Also, in living with both my grandparents and later, my father (who is an important professor in Iran), I was exposed to solid family values.  My fathers work also inspired me.  I feel very fortunate to have had these experiences, and I feel that it has helped me so much in becoming who I am and in helping me pursue pharmacy.  In fact, every step of the way, my family situation has strengthened my desire to study pharmacy so that I can help other people.

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