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Published: 2019-12-11 04:40:51
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Ever since my childhood days, helping other people with the best possible way I could is really within my interest. Hence, extending my effort to the most effectual manner in helping the people is something that I really enjoy to do. In light of this, I have decided and chosen to pursue a career that is involved in assisting and supporting the people or the public. Since then I always wanted to establish a steady job in the health profession, specifically in the field of pharmacy, and eventually render my service in helping other with their pharmaceutical requirements.

In a sense, my interest in pharmacy has further developed when one of my closest auntie has acquired hypothyroidism and is subjected to perform daily thyroid medication to be able to sustain her health. Since then, the question of how such specific medicine could work in the human body to cure the diseases and other health problems has guided and led me to find out more about pharmacy. Likewise, the desire of understanding as to how drugs or medicines affect the human body and further understand the importance of drugs in peoples lives have boost my interest in this field.

In addition to this, my enthusiasm in pharmacy is already evident during my younger days as I have a broad interest in science, As such, I also enjoy studying Mathematics. In lieu of this, such personal characteristics together with my acquisition of major in biology, these would serve as my primary tool to survive in pharmacy school. As one of the aspiring pharmacists in the country, my personal and career goal is to be in line with the top-rated practitioners in clinical pharmacy. This is in pursuit of my fervent goal and dream to serve the public, most specially those who are sick and in need of appropriate pharmaceutical assistance.

In this regard, I am very well aware that pharmaceutical work in the hospital is never easy at all. Thus, this require a higher demand of dedication and enthusiasm to be able to meet the satisfaction of the people and serve accordingly. Nonetheless, I wanted to pursue a career in clinical pharmacy due to the notion and belief that it would be more effective for me to achieve my goals in this profession by rendering patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Moreover, I would say that I entail positive potentials to become one of the better clinical pharmacist basing on my moral values and love for this job. As such, as a clinical pharmacist hopeful I hold on to my personal oath in providing quality services for those people who require pharmaceutical aid. In addition to this, I am well guided by my mission and desire to render the best possible service I could for the patients and for this profession.

Hence, I would kindly appeal to the Admissions Committee to recommend me as one of the deserving student in formal Pharmacy schooling program by means referencing in my dedication and passion in pursuing a career in clinical pharmacy. In light this, supporting the public and the patients with their pharmaceutical requisites in the most accommodating and effective manner is my own profound sources of motivation to do good and perform in the best positive way as clinical pharmacist in the future.

Certainly, witnessing people or patients recovering from their physical ailment serves as the primary source of inspiration for me to excel and become one of the reliable practitioner in this line of work. On the other hand, my academic difficulties in college is as well worth to be mentioned as it taught me valuable knowledge and experiences that could possibly help me pursue a career in pharmacy. For my first two years in college, I worked full time to help support my family. With this, my performance in class and grades have suffered. Years after, I finally took a time off to school and help to support my family needs.

I grow up in a family where my dad has disabled himself and could no longer work to support us. With this, my mother had to raise me together with my brothers. I saw my mother as she struggles to work for us and at the same time pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. At about five years after, she finally became a nurse and this is exactly the right time I went back to school to focus on my studies. In the end, with this specific happenings in my life, my family, and with my studies, I would say that these had made me more stronger and inspired to reach my dreams as well as to my best to be able to achieve my career goal.

Hence, to be able to do this, I accept the fact that I have to undergo a formal doctoral pharmacy program. Certainly, I truly believe that through this formal studies in pharmacy school, I would be able to acquire essential knowledge that could support me in improving and developing positive traits in becoming an outstanding pharmacist. With this regard, I hereby submit myself to undergo the needed formal pharmacy program as I pursue my career and personal goal.

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