Phenomenology as an Alternative to Postmodernism? Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 14:40:55
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Phenomenology is the study of experiences or phenomena as well as the meanings that these experiences have for human beings (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2003). Phenomenology studies perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion and desire as they are closely associated to human experience (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2003). Further, phenomenology attempts to explain the relationship between human awareness and social action (Orleans, 2008). It is also concerned with the ways in which human behavior is a result of social experiences (Orleans, 2008).

Phenomenology can be considered an alternative to postmodernism because postmodernism is more concerned with human advancement through technology than with actual human experience (Lyotard, 1985). As technology advances so does the human race. However, this advancement comes at the cost of fewer authentic social experiences between human beings. In this way, the postmodern knowledge that is available to human beings largely depends on those in charge of structuring technology and making it available to the masses (Lyotard, 1985). For the most part the passing of knowledge no longer requires human contact or storytelling (Lyotard, 1985).

Human beings have come to rely on computers and digital technology so much in recent years that social connections are suffering. People confer with one another via email and text messaging more so then they do face to face. As a result, human experiences are becoming fewer and further between. Academic disciplines are in real danger as technology continues to allow humans to communicate without having to be in the same room (Lyotard, 1985). A good example is that of online learning programs. These are enormously useful to people who only have a limited time to attend school or wish to attend a school far from where they live.

However, there is no human contact associated with such programs and authentic learning experiences suffer as one learns alone rather than in collaboration with others.

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