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Published: 2020-02-15 23:10:04
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Post your response to the following: Axia College takes academic honesty seriously. Think for a moment about an author whose original work has been plagiarized by a student. Why would that author consider plagiarism to be such a grave offense? Plagiarism is a literary theft that is commonly done by some students. A scenario in which an author who had spent everything he has on a literary project gets to know that people are just copying his works that he suffered to put it together without proper acknowledgment, he will be so much offended.

he will count this as act of disrespect and that his idea are not been valued so he might decided not to write such write up again which will be to the disadvantage of the entire public and the said author. Post your response to the following: What are other ways in which you can make use of the wealth of Web-based information and still guard against plagiarism?

These involves many method that one can gain from the web without committing plagiarism offence, this include ensuring that the original word of the author are not used, when doing any work, it should be followed by jottings and one should avoid making reference from the authors statement, but after the extensive reading and understanding then one can now sit with it and pen down in ones idea. We should avoid summarizing and paraphrasing because they are forms of plagiarism

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