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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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According to Merriam Webster a hobby is a pursuit outside ones regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation. Most of us have hobby because having a specific interest on something facilitates a balance between our physical and mental state. They can be either physical activities or mental activities. For me, cricket is my hobby because it has become part of my life. I often engage in playing both at the club level and for recreation. Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. The objective of each team is to score more runs than the other team and to completely dismiss the other team.

I enjoy this game because its fun and exciting, it has enabled me to adopt the teambuilding skills in my everyday life and it gives me an opportunity to be a role model to younger cricketers. The game of cricket evokes many emotions, mostly because of the fun and excitement involved. Cricket is played at a professional level all over the world. I regularly go the various ovals to follow my favourite team, and avidly watch the game on television. The sheer pleasure of winning a game and exhilaration of conquering this game of high and difficult technique brings nothing but delight to me.

During a match we not only have to contend with the rules of the game, but also have to contend with different playing conditions that can have a dramatic affect on the game. The nail biting ending where your team mates are depending on you to score the winning runs of a game all contribute to this game being truly gratifying to me. In the end we all know how fun it is to smash the ball down the ground or to rip off the middle stump of the batsman. Another reason I enjoy playing cricket is for the teambuilding aspect. I learnt teambuilding, discipline as well as teamwork through playing cricket.

The game is very challenging in some regard and it required teamwork to win a game. When playing cricket, one has to be cognizant of what your teammates are doing because each player is dependent on each other. Thus good communication skills are mandatory. This sport also filters into my everyday life as it translates into how I address work related issues as well. It has allowed me to have self regulating strategies, identify and utilize strengths of co-workers in completing projects and practice effective collaboration with team members.

True role models and mentors are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have and those who have affected us in a way that makes us want to be better people. I believe through this game I can impact on younger minds and facilitate me being a mentor and role model. Recently I was been privileged to be the coach and mentor of a cricket camp. The positive influences I was able to instill to this young group will definitely redound to their benefit. To be able to promote the vitality and passion of this game and impart what role sport can play in our life was very rewarding to me.

It was an invaluable avenue for me to develop as a coach, to share my knowledge and skills and be able to mold younger minds. In summary, cricket is my favourite hobby as there is no end to the element of surprise the game gives and benefits I gain from playing. As far as I can remember cricket has always been my favourite past time and part of my life. The pleasure of watching and playing is truly amazing. Its a hot topic in many social circles because of the thrills and anticipation of the game. Likewise one also benefits from playing as it promotes and facilitates teambuilding.

The camaraderie it fosters between team members is additionally rewarding. What is truly gratifying however, it allows me to be a role model and mentor to others as it allows me to convey what role cricket plays in my life and share my knowledge. In a few words, it has contributed to me physically and mentally as it helps me relax, keep fit and relieve stress.

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