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Published: 2020-02-08 17:01:15
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Political liberalism helps to agree on justice as fairness in both religious and philosophical views. It also introduced common reasons for all citizens for doing things. Political liberalization addresses the theory of justice. Therefore, political liberalism is a concept of justice that people with different but reasonable, metaphysical or religious views would form and regulate a basic structure of society. Everyone has all the rights to acquire his or her basic rights and liberties.

            Political conservation basically entails ability to resist changes and remain with the traditional way of doing things politically.  Political conservations are mainly influenced by multiplicity of social-cognitive motives. It links social and cognitive motives to the contents of specific political attitudes. Many people like political conservation because it minimizes fear anxiety and uncertainty in order to avoid changes, disruption and ambiguity and to ensure that inequality among people is maintained.

            Political conservation can be characterized among other things such as dogmatism, intolerance of ambiguity, failure to have openness of experiences, avoids uncertainty and it requires order and structures. Therefore political conservation basically entails fascism, authoritarianism or rebelliousness, radicalism. Conservation can be constructed with liberalism which deals with collectivism and individualism.

            Overall judgment for choosing political conservatism is because it resists change. For example parties like Democratic of Unites State, Labor Party of United Kingdom are basically resisting changes and instead trying to conserve their failing welfare and remain as they are. Therefore, these parties have tried to conserve their political rights to the best of their abilities.

            Political conservation strengthens justification of their inequality. Liberty will increase inequality of condition or its outcome. Therefore, liberty has to be restricted in order to retain equality of condition. Contrary political rights favor liberty over equality and equality of opportunity over that of a condition.

            Political conservation also favors dogmatism and intolerance to ambiguity. Some examples of rights which need to be address are things like wall street journal, National review, commentaries and so on in American people. The political lefts include-New York Times, The Nation, and The New Republic and so on. Therefore no political conservation will tolerate ambiguity or dogmatism because their rights are conserved by law.

            Political conservation lacks openness and experience. This is shown in areas where for example, political parties have no reason to resist changes or incase of government it has no reason as to why it cannot accept some changes in its constitution. This has lead to lack of experience because most of the things are based on the same idea through out.

            Political conservation also leads to lack of uncertainty and need for order and structure. This can result to redistribution of income and inheritance policies. In this case political left favors more order and structures in government and these results in adverse growth of economy. People are not willing at all face the uncertainties of life without adequate income redistribution and of other social services.

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