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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The ideal transition style heightens the audiences attention without the audience noticing why. If the transition style is too active, the audience will get a headache looking at it. PowerPoint offers a transition style for every possible purpose. Using Animations and Transitions Effectively Its not enough to animate objects because it can be done; the audiences simply grow weary of the gratuitous use of any presentation element. The first time one animates some clip art, it gets a few oohs and aahs; the second and third time, some yawns.

The flying objects appear to be nothing more than a multimedia shell game, causing audiences to wonder under which presentation component the real message resides. That said, the proper use of movement can have a profoundly positive affect on how the audiences grasp, interpret, and retain the key messages. One can make a busy chart significantly easier to understand by introducing the content in animated stages. Mirroring how the presenter addresses the information (quarter by quarter or category by category) is essential in making the point.

Text-based information creates its own inherent challenges. When given a chance to read ahead, the audience is more likely to make quick judgments. By staging the bullets to enter on a mouse click, one get an opportunity to articulate the points before judgment is passed, providing the best chance of the audience staying with the flow of information. The challenge in creating a quality presentation is to identify opportunities for making text-type information more graphical and introducing it in a way that best supports ones needs.

This could be processes, steps, chronologies, or other similar topics. Transition effects fall into the same category. Presentation software provides many more options than will ever be appropriate. We need to look at transition effects as a tool for guiding the audiences eye or creating interest. For example, one could use a Wipe Up effect to guide the eye back to the top after each slide, or possibly a Wipe Left effect to reset the eye for more information. We need to pick a specific nondistracting transition and stick with it.

Sort through the choices, eliminate those that fall into the cute category (audiences grow weary of cute very quickly), and throw in a change-up once in a while. Introducing a new topic in the presentation may be a time to box out a transition and then get back into the standard transition effect. Animations and transitions are just electronic effects. A wise presenter realizes that the stage lights dont make good presenters ” compelling stories do.


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