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Published: 2020-02-16 05:21:50
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Turbo Centre is the company that I am working for. It has newly been set up in Romford. Since Turbo Centre is a not a very renowned company in this area, so therefore has very limited customers. Due to this lack of customers Turbo Centre is in danger of closing down, as their business has not taken off as predicted. This is because it is a newly formed company in this area, so therefore is not very well established at this present time.

Turbo Centre is a company which sells prestige cars. The company has few branches across the UK some of these branches are located in Manchester, Birmingham and are well established in those cities. The managing director of Turbo Centre now wants to expand his company in to London. Turbo Centre sells a wide range of cars, varying in price ¯¿½20000 to ¯¿½80000+. The company specialises in Elite cars, 4X4s and super cars, and these cars range form Subaru to Ferrari. The company site is very large, the show room itself holds 50 top of the range prestige cars, which are displayed across two floors. On site each day turbo centre has 5 sales men, 2 customer service and 3 cleaners. Also on site each day is the managing director of the business, whom is trying to ensure his newly opened branch in Romford runs smoothly and efficiently.

I have been hired by the managing director Mr Smith, to help him bring his company to success by the use of advertising. Mr Smith hopes that the advertising material that will be produced will be the solution to the current lack of custom he is facing with his new branch.

The following satellite map shows the location of the business:

User Requirements

* Mr Smith wants the advertising material to be aimed at middle class/ wealthy people whom are interested in buying prestige cars.

* Mr Smith wants his advertisements to be manly aimed at the male gender. This is because, Mr Smiths research indicates that the male genders is on average more interested in buying high priced prestige cars than females.

* Mr Smiths research also indicates that high priced prestige cars mainly appeal to the male gender aged between 23 35 years.

* Mr Smith from experience of advertising his other branches has come to see that advertising within a 10 mile radius of the company site attracts a wide range of customers.

* Mr Smith has also seen from experience of advertising his other branched that placing a special offer on the advertisements draws more customer, as many people are attracted by a special offer.

* Mr Smith has also seen from experience of producing adverting material for his branches and from feed back from customers of his other branches, that placing a map on some of the advertisement is good, because the area may not be know to someone travelling to the company from 10 miles away, so the map shows nearby land marks.

* Mr Smith also wants a new logo to be created. This is because he feels that a new company image will be more suited for the surrounding area of his new branch.

* Mr Smith wants the advertising materials to be produced and allocated within the budget of ¯¿½100,000. However Mr Smith has informed me that if this budget is exceeded he is willing to pay the access amount.

Adequate Solutions

In order to for fill the end users requirements, I will have to create a wide range of advertising material. Now that I have a full understanding of Mr Smiths requiems, I suggest that the most suitable advertising materials for his needs would be:

* Flyer the advantage of using this method of advertising is that it can be mass produced, it can be sent to a wide range of people and also hold relevant information based on the business, which includes all cooperate information such as company name, logo and colour scheme etc. A disadvantage of producing this type of advertisement is that some people will regard this flyer to be junk mail, so litter it on the street resulting in increasing environmental problems.

* Brochure the advantage of using this method of advertising is that is that it puts across specific information about the product to the customer directly. Also contains more information than a flyer. However this form of advertisement is more expensive to produce.

* Business Card the advantage of using this method of advertising is that is that it puts across the location and contact information of the company. Also business card are not very big so therefore can be carried by the customer and shown to others.

* I will also extend my project by creating a new Logo for Turbo Centre. I am creating this new company logo; as Mr Smith feels that a new company image will be more suited for the surrounding area of his new branch. He hopes the new logo will create a fresh and positive image for the business.

Quantitative Objective

In order to ensure the advertising materials produced is having a positive affect on our target audience; we will produce sample advertising materials with which we can test the materials are working. We will be able to see this from the response from the amount of customers we receive, whether the materials are working or not. These measures will be made using the following:

* One way in which we can test this is by placing special offers regarding products, either on the flyers, or brochure. The customer will have to bring in either the flyer, or brochure to purchase what has been advertised (the special offer). If we see that the customers are bring in the flyers, or brochure we will know that our advertising is having a positive affect.

* Also we can measure the success of our advertising materials by placing the words Come in store for more details. We will know that the customer has seen the advertisement as they will enquire for more details referring to the offer advertised.

* Similarly, we can advertise something Free on the brochure; in the same way we will know customers have previously seen the brochure advertisement, as they will enquire as to what the free product is which is advertised. From what the customer enquires about, we will know what form of advertisement they have seen.

Then we will be able to record this data into a excel graph throughout the year, in order see when in the year the advertising materials were most affective. Also we will be able to see from the graph what form of advertising material was most successful.

The following spider diagram shows the way in which a mail-merge and a logo would link together. Also from this spider diagram we can see how the special offers could be placed on a mail merge according to the car the customer has purchased. From this we could measure the success of the given advertising material. This would prove a good way of measuring the success of mail-merge, as customers could bring in there mailed letter to receive there special offer. I have created this spider diagram for Mr Smith to keep as a temperate for when he is to start a mail- merge.

The next spider diagram, will illustrate the way in which the logo will link together with each type of advertising material, which is going to be produced. These advertising materials include flyer/leaflet, brochure, yellow page advert and finally a bill board poster.

Other ways in which my material could be produced

There are several ways in which advertising material could be produced for Turbo City. Other forms of advertising which can be used include a web site, Power point, slide show, video, sound recording, radio advertising, Television advertising, hand drawn advertisement and call centre etc. However some of these other forms of advertising have disadvantages such as:

* Web site this form of advertising can only be viewed by people who have access to a computer. In the case of someone who does not have access to a computer they would no have access of viewing the web page. Also even those with access may not see the advertisement as they may not know the web page address.

* Yellow Page advert The disadvantage of this form of advertising is that many competitors from the motoring industry also advertise in the yellow pages. Also advertisements which are placed in the yellow pages are limited to a yellow background, and also text must be printed in black ink, so therefore the advertisement will not appear very eye catching.

* Bill Board Poster This would be a good form of advertising for Mr Smith as a Bill Board holds the main cooperate information about the business such as company name, telephone number and address. The disadvantage of this form of advertising is that it is expensive to display and maintain.

* Radio advertising this form of advertising has the disadvantage that the advertisement will only be herd by the people that listen to the radio station that it is aired on. Also even the people that listen to the radio station that the advertisement is aired on could miss the advertisement as it may be played at a time were the target audience may not be listening.

* Television Similarly with this form of advertisement, it will only be seen by the people viewing the channel it is aired on. Also could be missed due to the time it is aired.

* Mail-Merge the advantage of this form of advertising is that it is quick and easy to produce as it follows one lay out, which can be sent to many people. A disadvantage of this form of advertising is that it can only be sent to current customers of the company. (People who have already purchased a car from the company.) However, I will not yet be creating a mail merge. As at this early stage of the business there are limited customers, so therefore a mail- merge is not required.

* Advertisement printed on company car the company could also have an advertisement on one of there company cars. This form of advertising again would only be seen by people that see the car.

* Hand drawn advertisement this form of advertising is not very professional, so therefore may not appeal to some customers as they may feel that the company is unprofessional. Also this form of advertising is time consuming and also will not be identical. Can only be produced to batch production (50-100 copies).

In the case of advertising for Turbo Centre, printed publication would be more appropriate, as it is easier to view and a computer is not required to view the advertisement.

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