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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Times have definitely changed. For centuries, students rely on books and notebooks. The written and printed words are the premium sources of information for all people around the world. Anything of value are captured by the mind and jotted down on paper for future generations to learn and to use as reference or basis for further studies. Perhaps it is significant that educators, scientists and other leading individuals in their chosen fields unravel a certain degree of ingenuity due to the absence of materials necessary to assist them in their investigations and experimentations.

Without the sophisticated gadgets and equipments that todays generation have today, people and organizations depend on their wit and wisdom to unmask mysterious and complicated studies. A question lingers until the present day. If technology has been discovered and utilized earlier in the past, will historical events be the same as it has been yesterday? There is a strong possibility that situations will be quite different if the development of electronic gadgets has long been pursued. But everything on earth passes through several stages of progress.

The human mind has been gaining ground until it has reached that age of sophistication. Demands and needs give rise to inventions and innovations. It is for this reason that television, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electrical equipments came into life. One of the biggest inventions the world has seen is the computer. The introduction of this piece of electronic device has caught every person in the planet by storm. Individuals have sought the need for a computer to be used in their daily activities.

Both professionals and students see the significance of this invention in their respective lives. The business and corporate worlds are saddled with tons of information. Business people have found the computer as the immediate answer in managing the available figures and data being utilized in the market today. The entry level and medium level computers are suitable for the vast majority of computing tasks and give a level of performance that is gratifying while still being relatively affordable (Harris & LLC 2002).

Before websites and the internet surface, most people seek information from the library. The place is a must for individuals who are in need of facts and information. Numerous books, folders, pamphlets and magazines can be accessed manually within the four corners of the educational room or building. It has taken longer for academicians and educators to realize that utilizing such sources can be time-consuming and hard work. Individuals have to find newspapers and books by leafing and looking through rows of shelves and boxes.

Effort and patience are indeed needed to acquire information. However, innovative people have found ways and means to get information. But nothing beats the launching of computers as the main tool in managing and storing figures and data. For decades, the utilization of the bit-and-byte system has been limited to the working individual. It is customary for all students to go to libraries and seek the specific answers to any given assignments. Elementary, high school, college and post graduate students depend much on books and periodicals for the needed facts.

It is the main point why parents and teachers encourage their children and students to read a lot of books to gain knowledge. Computers have found its place in the current world. More and more students are now using the internet as a significant tool in finding any needed data. While teachers have initially shunned the idea of using computers as an educational material, it is a different story nowadays. One notion perhaps that supports the banning of the electronic equipment in school is related to the distraction caused by video games.

Computer games are a major hit among children and adults alike. However, it has been a primary hindrance to the focus and concentration of most students in school. But today, computers have taken numerous roles not only in the lives of professionals but in the various activities of pupils and students as well. FOR STUDENTS USE The different functional capabilities of a computer have led educators and academicians to embrace its concept as a tool to assist children with their studies. Innovation in the electronic industry has made significant changes in the global information system.

The main source of data which is the library has been reinvented and incorporated into a World Wide Web system. Students are using the internet as a search engine to find answers and solutions to their everyday home works and school projects. Education is not only limited to the old book system. The classroom and the school building are extending its boundaries beyond the walls and corners. Essential data can be found elsewhere. Technology is making life easier for everybody nowadays. Figures and information are retrieved easier without so much effort.

With computers fast becoming a common thing, the necessity for computer skills can never be denied. Teachers are going back to school to learn more about the internet system. Students are becoming aware of the significance of computers. When teachers are the only users, computers benefit the individual but the system as a whole may suffer. When students are involved in using computers, the innovation takes on deeper roots, as it were, and the innovation becomes shared in greater numbers throughout the system, giving greater odds for survivability of the innovation (Sessums 2006).

At such an early age, more and more children have acquired advanced skills in using the vital electronic equipment of the modern times. Although, there is no substitute for hard copies of data, software programs are slowly incorporating the content of books and references into its system. All school levels are gradually being shaped by the information technology. And computers are playing a central role in keeping students posted about the numerous data available out there.

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