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Published: 2019-12-13 15:51:30
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Education is an aspect where ones cognitive and learning abilities are put to tests and pushed to its maximum abilities. It is important because education gives a man a career so he can compete with a career-oriented workplace. Education also prepares a man to efficiently and competitively perform his tasks in the field of his expertise in the real world. I have finished an A.A.S. in Telecommunications and still continuing my BS in Criminal Justice in an online school, the Kaplan University.

However, I have been in and out of school because of work. Though BS in Criminal Justice is the career that I want to pursue, the need for financial aspects prohibits me to continuously go to school and finish the degree that I want. My skills in my field of interest is not trained and tested since my ten years of schooling has been in and out. The course that I have finished   A.A.S. in Telecommunications has helped me get into a telecommunication industry  and this career just provided for my financial needs.

When I was employed in chemical  industry which produces flavorings that goes with any processed food that we drink or eat, I settled with that kind of job for the reason that I needed money and that I did not finish a degree to which I can qualify to a higher position in any offices. Now I can say that the level of education that I had did not allowed me to get a good job. Thus, the jobs that I got hindered me from continuing my studies because I cannot balance work and study. I have to work to finance my study, thats why.

Also the level of education I have achieved and the jobs that I got into, helped me realized that I can learn things I thought I would never understand. Like when I was working in the chemical industry, I would not have thought that I would understand the chemical stuff there. The realization thing helped boost my self confidence that I can still learn things if I am given the chance to, though I have been in and out of school. However, taking a look at my former jobs effect in my professional growth, I can say that it has not improved at all. I stayed with my work because I needed to fulfill my financial needs, but professionally there was no growth in it.

With the telecommunication industry where I have worked for eight years,   it has opened a new field for me and a field where I can practice the degree I got in telecommunications. I have learned about fiber optics and the pay was good that is why I wasnt able to leave  my career there to study. In this job, I had grown professionally because I have already practiced the education I earned. But personal growth was very minimal. My learning abilities were put on a test, but the satisfaction I got from my job was nominal. The reason is that my line of interest is still in criminal justice, and so I can only be satisfied if I practice the field that I am totally interested in.

Therefore, I have come to realize that in getting the course and career that I want to get into, I should go for the field I am most interested in. Be educated about it by getting a degree and practicing my career after. Only this can give me the maximum personal and professional growth.

I have been taking up BS in Criminal Justice online and have been in and out of it for the past ten years. It has not helped my professional and personal growth in any way. I had jobs to sustain my financial needs for the moment, and when the salary is good I stay with the company.

My experiences in different jobs I had was rewarding in a way that I was able to learn new things and that learning is good for me when given the chance to. So I can say that when I be given a chance to finally finish my criminal justice course, Id be doing good in learning and finally may be able to practice it in the field that I want.

            In doing this, I have discovered that employed people with low salary and are not satisfied with their jobs have these reasons why they still stay in the work they have. One is, lack of education, and even if they wanted to study, education is expensive and they still have to settle other financial deadlines they have. Another is, they might have taken the wrong choice of career. At some point in peoples life, they are too young to know what they want, that when they get a course in college, they just at times trust their instincts or what they think is cool. Next reason is that there are no other options for them, following reasons for this may vary depending on the kind of life a person has, or the difficulties they encounter.

Professional Development Journal is a record of all the activities, seminars, awards and achievements, scholarships, workshops, trainings and education that a person attended that would help him track down his qualifications when trying to prepare for a resume, get employed and succeed in his chosen career. It is important to keep a record of these because it would be a great help especially in reaching a qualification or standard when applying for work or scholarship.

A sample format of Professional Development Journal:

Name:                                                                                    Age:

Office Address:                                                                     Phone No.

Permanent/Home Address:                                                   Phone No.

Course of study: Major:



List down seminars attended, workshops, organizational activities and positions. Specify the date of event.

List down awards, recognitions and scholarships received. Specify the date of event.

Career Development: Employment while in school, internship, duty/responsibility, start/end date.

Interview questions (may be included).

Specify References. (Do not use a friends or a relatives name and ask permission before listing.)

Work References: (Include company name, position, scope of work, date started and date of the end of contract.)

Non-work References: (Include name, title, company, address and contact numbers.)


Professional Development Journal. January 30, 2008 retrieved from

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