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Published: 2019-12-29 00:30:59
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The technology is such an important part of people lives that truly could not live without it, and its really has an influence to many people today in the whole world! How danger is this for the society depending on how they communicate, and progress their own lives with this technology? First of all Technologies play a very important role for most of adults, and especially teenagers because it makes life easier to live on and faster to do something. It is really helps people to communicate faster and easier than do hard labor from time to time whenever he/she want to talk to love ones, friends, and also family. Smartphones in our daily life today can capture sharp images with deeper colors compared to the cameras in competing smartphones. It can record high-definition video, and has two front-facing stereo speakers that could use for better documentary if having a filming or something.

Individuals marketing businesses that could finish their presentation to work or something for a rushing day as a result of this really make jobs of people made easier than the old source to obtain source about something a person needs. Due to the cases of using technology like cellphones on texting while driving is very dangerous for young teenagers this is one of the most problem of the society today . As a matter of fact these incidents of accidental everyday always happen because of this problem about texting while driving. Those most of the teenagers exceedingly cannot live without cellphones and computer even in just twenty-four hours. It just depends on how people use it like they see a scandal scene in some place or about their friends or family then captured it, and send to a friend who knows the person. People have to had discipline on how using time in a manageable way about technology and daily life it is people duty to be discontented, but do not set aside other important things in daily life living.

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