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Published: 2019-10-10 17:00:09
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Setting up a LAN/WAN for a small computer repair shop that has two shops within ninety miles of each which will have repairs, sales and networking for home users and small to medium business in the surrounding metro areas of Waynesville and St Roberts Missouri.Prepared ByDate 9/13/14Version1 Project Objective The client is a new computer repair shop in Waynesville and St Robert Missouri and is requiring a network from the ground up including all operating system software and hardware. The client will need a network that will meet their demands in repair and upgrades of customer at home and small and medium business, sales in computers, computer equipment and devices and network equipment and devices and setting up network to homes and small and medium business throughout the two metro areas. Having a network that is secured, efficient and reliable, this will let client meet the needs and wants of their customers.

The main objectives of the project are Establish a reliable and secured ring topology network that will meet the demands of the client so they can serve their customers with the highest excellency Deliver the best hardware and software for the network that is within the clients budget that meets their needs and wants Establish servers at both locations that includes a back-up server that is reliable and secured Establish an internet connection for all staff members and field technicians so they can do their jobs on a daily basis Establish a remote access to staff members and field technicians that require the access to accomplish their daily tasks Establish a secured VPN Establish a secure file and print sharing Assumptions Final planning permission will be approved by the clients within the timeframes required Prices will be within the clients projected budget No additional staff will be needed for the project That the project will be completed before or by the due date set by the client and project manager There will be no changes or delays in the project

That resources used for the project will be used within the limits of the client Project Scope This is probably one of the most important aspects of the project. What is the project, what is being delivered and done With this project there are many things that are going one and will be at times at the same time. The two stores that are located in Waynesville and St Robert will be connected and will be able to communicate with each other over the network through a LAN/WAN combination. There will be internet connection with both shops and for staff and field technicians that will need to use it. This project will be delivering the following deliverables To establish a network from the ground up, that will require all new hardware, that will include but not limited to computers, routers, switches, printers, laptops and mobile devices and any other hardware that will be required Establish a ring topology Create a server and back-up server at both locations Purchasing of hardware and software that meets the needs of the client that is within their projected budget Implement Windows Server 2008 and establish Windows 7 Professional for workstations and laptops Test the Network and see it is working and correctly and is within the client needs

Create a secured VPN Create an Active Directory for both sites for permissions for file and print sharing WI-FI connections for all staff and field technicians Remote access for staff and field technicians that require the access Create a Cloud computing through a 3rd party vendor Training for staff and field technician on the network Training the staff and field technicians of remote access log-in Documentation and drawings on information on the network and how to use certain aspects of the network (i.e. logging on the system either at site or remotely) List any requirements that are specifically excluded from the scope. None excluded from the scope or to be determined at a later time. Project Milestones MilestonesDateDeliverablesCompletion of Project Charter completeSeptember 13, 2014 Information on the project for the client and what is expected to be accomplishing throughout the project. The client accepts and signs the project charter.Network Design completeOctober 4, 2014Design a ring topology secured network.Set-up of servers, computers and printers and other miscellaneous hardware and devices completeOctober 18, 2014Set-up hardware, computers, printers, servers and back-up servers and other hardware and devices that will be needed for the network including routers and switches.Installation of Network completeOctober 20, 2014Set-up the network.

Installation of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 professional, including set-up of Active Directory, VPN and Remote access permission and restrictions completeNovember 7, 2014Installation and setup of Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 Professional, Active Directory, VPN, Remote access permissions and restrictions (giving access to all required staff).Network Testing completeOctober 14, 2014Test the network for conflicts and fix them conflicts.Implement the Network completeOctober 15, 2014Implement the Network and put it on-line.Cloud computing set-up completeOctober 16, 2014Set-up a 3rd party Cloud computing.Training completeOctober 17, 2014Train all staff and field technicians of the network, remote access, and logging on.Documentation completeOctober 19, 2014Information on the network and logging on to the network and remote access and any other documentation that will be needed.Project completeOctober 20, 2014The client has signed off on all deliverables and the project is now in review. Impact Statement Project ActivityImpactsCriticalityGain Final Client Planning ApprovalAll Planning and execution activitiesVery HighNetwork DesignThe network as a wholeVery HighInstall NetworkThe networkHighTrainingThe client and networkHighDocumentationThe client

High Roles and Responsibilities Sponsor Provides overall direction on the project. Responsibilities include approve the project charter and plan secure resources for the project confirm the projects goals and objectives keep abreast of major project activities make decisions on escalated issues and assist in the resolution of roadblocks.NameEmail / PhoneProject Manager Leads in the planning and development of the project manages the project to scope. Responsibilities include develop the project plan identify project deliverables identify risks and develop risk management plan direct the project resources (team members) scope control and change management oversee quality assurance of the project management process maintain all documentation including the project plan report and forecast project status resolve conflicts within the project or between cross-functional teams ensure that the projects product meets the business objectives and communicate project status to stakeholders.NameEmail / PhoneTeam Member Works toward the deliverables of the project.

Responsibilities include understand the work to be completed complete research, data gathering, analysis, and documentation as outlined in the project plan inform the project manager of issues, scope changes, and risk and quality concerns proactively communicate status and manage expectations.NameEmail / PhoneCustomer The person or department requesting the deliverable. Responsibilities include partner with the sponsor or project manager to create the Project Charter partner with the project manager to manage the project including the timeline, work plan, testing, resources, training, and documentation of procedures work with the project team to identify the technical approach to be used and the deliverables to be furnished at the completion of the project provide a clear definition of the business objective sign-off on project deliverables take ownership of the developed process and software.NameEmail / PhoneSubject Matter Expert Provides expertise on a specific subject. Responsibilities include maintain up-to-date experience and knowledge on the subject matter and provide advice on what is critical to the performance of a project task and what is nice-to-know.

NameEmail / Phone Success Measurements The total cost of the project will be determined at a later time. The project will include a new network, that will include computers, laptops, servers and server back-ups, server and OS software, routers, switches, printers and any other equipment and devices that will be needed for the project. The measurements for this project is to have a network that is efficient, secure and reliable for the client and that it is expandable network for any future expansion. It will meet the client needs and is fast and reliable so the client has no downtime and that is will do what they want it to do for them, with no downtime. The client has a total budget of 450.000 and which includes the network, hardware, software and wages for the employees doing the actual work. This budget is logical and the team will stay within the projected budget and if it goes beyond that they will inform the client within a timely manner.

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