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Published: 2020-02-20 09:21:57
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This section shall look into the projected benefits this program can provide special students and other actors involved. Since this agenda is geared towards giving opportunities for financial support, it is also necessary to outline the potential advantages this proposal can give to other concerned members particularly (1) parents, (2) the educational institution and (3) the community. By being able to draw out these inferences, the overall viability and feasibility of the program can be outlined and deciphered accordingly. Special Students

Giving out bursaries for qualified special students is a good initiative toward widening the helping them out reach their potential. Since the impediments in pursuing the preferred profession revolves around physical disability and associated costs, special students find it difficult to cope with the standards of the educational community and opt to choose courses that is more suitable to their status. However, by giving them bursaries, it can help motivate individuals to persevere and struggle for acceptance because one obstacle is taken away from them.

Likewise, the stress incurred because of costs in education are eliminated which helps students focus more on what is necessary. In here, they can actively start and provide the necessary goals that can harness increased achievement and competency in areas each one wishes to specialize. This then can allow them to focus more on what is necessary in obtaining their degrees and help them integrate it towards the realities in life. Parents This initiative is also an important boost for parents of special students.

This is because it can alleviate them of the burden of having to shoulder all the necessary cost associated with special education. It can be argued that through the years, the expense of sending a disabled student to a University has been gradually increasing (refer to table 1). With this proposed program, parents can eliminate the stress associated with increasing cost and focus on their childs educational development. Moreover, this initiative can help aide parents in better understanding the needs of their disabled children.

This can encourage them to play a more responsible role in making sure that their children obtain the optimum amount of information necessary to make them competent and adhere to educational standards. Thus, this practice can help intensify the effort to increase proficiency and cultivate the potential of special students in University Education. Educational Institution Another important actor that can benefit from the proposed program is educational institution.

Under this area, the University/College can help eliminate the relevant costs associated with special education and allocate it towards the expansion of content delivery and instruction among students and areas that need it the most. Like parents, there has been a considerable increase associated with helping disabled children cope up with the prescribed state and district standards (refer to table 2). This setback can in turn result to programs being implemented at its minimum level because of the many principles and guidelines it has to adhere.

By taking away some costs associated with education, learning programs for disabled students can be maximized and implemented accordingly. This is an important area to consider because it can allow both educators and administrators to transcend with the needs of these students. Likewise, it can incorporate new methods and practices that can help boost and initiate the required elements in fostering not only student needs but also in adhering to the Universitys vision and objectives. Community The incorporation of this proposed program has also relevant advantages towards the community wherein these disabled children belong.

By allowing this initiative to function accordingly, it can generate the needed consensus among its members that help can be administered provided that a good proposal is given. This means that the community is committed towards its goals of increasing new avenues for development and harmonizes efforts in enhancing community building measures. In addition, the community is seen as an important actor in this agenda because they can serve as the main contributors in alleviating the costs associated with special education.

By encouraging benefactors to actively invest in the process, not only shall they be serving the needs of these disabled students but also foster the required motivation for others to follow as well. Thus, these processes can encourage an open awareness and increase the possibility of finding tools to bring about change. To actively incorporate the needed objectives and goals of this program, the members shall serve as an intermediary for potential donors and contributors who wish to provide the necessary funding to support the programs overall initiatives.

This means encouraging different sectors in the industry to actively invest in this agenda as a form of marketing strategy to help boost sales. Likewise, this is another way of tapping into several potentials in the University which they deem provide greater opportunities for their growth and sustenance. Likewise, local and district agencies shall also be requested to contribute a certain amount to help incorporate and pursue the objective of intensifying their efforts to reach out to the needs of disabled students. Their help can facilitate better avenues for achievement and growth within the University.

Moreover, this can adhere to their strategy of bringing out the best out of each disabled student and harness the elements necessary for cultivation and growth. Lastly, civic groups are also welcome to carry out their volunteer work and encourage lobbying among state legislators to actively support the endeavor. In this process, they can act both as mediators and promoters of this proposed agenda. Our group shall actively coordinate with interested parties who wish to share their time and effort in catering to the needs of our target population.

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