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Published: 2019-12-12 07:20:50
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I have learned a lot about this college, from my brother attending there for four year. There are many different characteristics that draw me to Randolph-Macon. Football is a plus because I know all the coaches, the characteristics are location, academic, small classes, teacher communication and small liberal arts college, and I believe they will help me succeed in my nest four years. These characteristics can be narrowed to ways that will advance my academic future. One of the characteristics in a college that I am looking for is the actual location.

Ashland Virginia is a good small town that would be a good fit to live in for four years. Another reason that, I am looking to go to this college is because my Aunt and Uncle live right near the campus, I can go visit them any time I would like to. The campus is close to a few big cities which I like about it, it is near Richmond, Washington D. C and Norfolk. The school is only a short drive away from Roanoke. Personally, I am not looking for a big college to go too. I like Randolph-Macon because it is a small school with less than 1,200 students.

The atmosphere on the campus is beautiful, I love walking through the campus when I visited my brother up there. Also, the reconstruction they are doing is going to be really nice. I have been told from a lot of people that have gone there, that there is a great bond between your classmates. Going to a small college like Randolph-Macon has its advantages that big colleges do not have. Randolph-Macon is a small liberal arts college; it has a wide range of classes that you can choose from. It ranges from guitar class to biology class it all matters what you want to learn.

They have a business major that I am interested in. Having a business major, with a background of many other subjects will help me in the long run. Liberal arts will be an exciting challenge. Going Back to Randolph-Macon being that it is a small college it has its advantages. One major advantage that it has is small classes. Having small classes give teachers time to meet one on one with you. Also teachers go more into depth on subjects and always change in class. There are less than 20 people in each of your classes. The academics are nationally known, which is a huge plus.

You defiantly get a good degree by going there. The academics part is a major reason why I am applying to this school so I can expand my knowledge with a good degree and get a job after I am done with college. Having small classes allows you to meet your teachers personally and develop communication. The teachers check attendance every day, which helps kids go to class. They have office hours that will work with their students schedules. The teacher will get know to know you on a first name bases which is very good in college.

I think having big classes is a disadvantage to small classes because the teachers dont care about you as much. Small classes will aid me because I will get help with classes and learn better. Randolph-Macon has its advantages and I have learned a lot about the from visiting my brother, these advantages are academics, teacher communication, small classes, small liberal arts college. Also knowing someone that went the school there helps me out a lot. The football program is a plus. These characteristics are very important in my decision. This is why I love Randolph-Macon College.

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