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Published: 2020-02-26 04:51:33
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Newspapers are quick to reach people with the latest news, and can be easily referred back to, as they remain on the paper in front of you unlike news on television or radio. They are also cheaper, and contain more information. For these reasons they sell well to a very large target audience on the market. The two types of newspaper, tabloid and broadsheet, target different audiences because of the way they are written and the techniques they use, including; the language used, the issues written about and the presentation. They both also belong in two different genres, the tabloid genre and the broadsheet genre.

The codes and conventions of these genres are the rules to stay within these genres, and be recognised to fall within these genres, i. e. ; more issues about politics would fall into the broadsheet genre, and more stories about celebritys lifestyles or human-based issues would fall into the tabloid genre. THE SUN is a tabloid newspaper with a very well known image. It has a somewhat interesting reputation, known to target working audiences and is read by thousands every day. You could say its main target audience is working class, or those that fall into the socio economic classes C2, D and F.

The stories are usually based on human interest like a typical tabloid and language is sensational and insinuating. The papers can often be about celebrities, and targets audiences with different interests to those of higher class, perhaps because they may be less intelligent or because they havent enough time in their working day to read a large broadsheet such as The Independent. The sun is also entertaining, and usually broadsheets dont stress humour and entertainment as tabloids do, due to the audiences targeted at.

The INDEPENDENT is a broadsheet newspaper with its main purpose to deliver information to its audience, which are usually people of a higher class A, B and C. These people most probably have different interests to those people who read The Sun and this paper is mainly about discussions and politics. The front-page example I am using is about the boxing fight between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, and clearly, after two seconds of looking at it, shows the defeat of Mike Tyson. The audience immediately see him as the underdog, and Lewis the champion.

The clear, white title is placed upon a vibrant red background immediately at the top of the paper, to the left of an eye catching plug, showing the promotional offer of the paper today. This is a very typical layout for a tabloid, and is very startling. The font of the title is very simple and bold, in san serif. Its clear its object is to catch attention and not to look attractive or classy. The following headline, which is I did it for the Queen, is very dramatic and emotive, typical of tabloid newspapers language. Headlines usually contain a pun, or alliteration, and can be quite biased.

It also suggests patriotism, which is a main theme in the paper. The next feature that hits you on the page is the enormous photograph of Lewis Lawson which almost covers the whole page. The Headline is positioned immediately to the right of his head, showing you that this is his quote, and the position he has been caught on in film is very persuasive as it looks like he has made a genuine and intellectual statement. The small, gory, scandalous picture underneath this headline is one of Mike Tyson, bloodied with his back down on the floor, obviously showing his defeat.

The two pictures work well together, the overpowering, large picture of the champion Lawson overshadowing the smaller background picture of the loser Tyson. The beginning lines of the story read BOXING giant Lennox Lewis celebrates his demolition of Mike Tyson then dedicates his stunning victory to the Queen. The sentence is clearly biased, using sensational words such as giant, for Lewis and demolition for the defeat of Tyson. It implies that Lewis is a saint, dedicating this fight (that meant so much to him) to one of the most pious, highly respected icons of Britain.

It then demonises Tyson and gives him a low, weak image, which suggests the phase so last Tuesday. The hero Brit retained his heavy-weight crown by stopping brutal Tyson in the eight round. The paper has even managed to give the impression that Lewis is for Britain and Tyson is an enemy of the whole Country, using icons of England to quote against the boxer. England soccer stars watched the fight on TV in Japan. A team source said: Seeing Lennox beat the hell out of Tyson gave everyone a lift. The Broadsheet The Independence immediately looks very different to the SUN, even in its name.

The font used is clearly serif, which gives the paper a classy, intellectual look. Below the title sits a vibrant advertisement, telling the reader about the sports pages in this weeks newspaper. This sports section however is convenient as it is the time of the World Cup, when most people would like to keep updated on the main sports events. The slogan below the title of the independent reads A Broader view, and this is true as The Independent contains unbiased, practical language and usually stories related with politics. The newspaper has a formal feel, and would easily target audiences from socio economic classes A, B and C1.

The newspaper contains much more information and variation of different stories. The broadsheet is always split up into 5 columns, and the pages are large and contain many stories at one time. Below the title, is a regular sized photo of Tyson on the floor, like The SUNs and the headline reads Floored: the Baddest Man on the Planet. The use of capital letters obviously emphasizes certain words and catches the readers attention. Theres no play on words (puns) in the headline, and its not biased, as it gives two views, 1 Tyson was defeated, but 2 it takes a lot to beat him as hes the best.

The word baddest could also be taken differently because of the mans past convictions. The story is fair, and gives two views throughout .. and it might not be to her majestys most refined taste, the convicted rapist who once claimed to be the baddest man on the planet, Even Tyson was gracious¦ Lennox was masterful. Tyson isnt portrayed as a sore loser or faded out novelty, and Lennox isnt portrayed as a Martyr. The second headline underneath this story reads France turns against the far-right, a very politically related, sophisticated title without a pun.

Listed along the left are small stories of a familiar nature, i. e. ; Blairs decision to stay, all text in each story is formal and very politically written. Along the bottom of the paper there is an advertisement for channel 4, targeting the same audience as this newspaper. Out of both titles I believe the SUNs stands from a distance more effectively, but it looks like the Independent doesnt want an imposing title at any rate. Its main goal is portray a sophisticated, classy look for the magazine, while the SUNs is to stand out and grab your attention, with bold, white san serif lettering on a vivacious red background.

There are no plugs next to the title of the independent, whereas on the SUN the cheap price shouts at you from a plug with an eye catching appearance, stating the newspaper costs a low price of 20p. Below the title, there is large advertisement for a sports section in the Independent, while there is none on The SUN. This is unusual for a broadsheet, as tabloids usually earn their money from advertising, while broadsheets earn their profit from the charge of the newspaper, as they are usually more expensive then tabloids.

Tabloids can afford to charge very little for their newspapers because of the thousands more people that read them everyday compared as to the amount of people that read broadsheet newspapers. The huge photograph and headline on the front page of the SUN is instantly eye catching and almost take up the whole of the front page, whereas the title and photograph for the same story on the front page of The Independent takes up quarter of the space. The two photographs of Tyson are almost the same in both newspapers but they used in different ways to suggest dissimilar meanings.

On the Sun, the small photograph of Tyson next to the large photo of Lewis is used to connotate how much larger Lewis is, and how much more respected. Whereas on the sun, this photograph of Tyson is simply used as a visual aid, with no pictures suggesting comparisons next to it. The front page of the SUN is a lot more colourful and eye catching then The Independent, whose only part of colour exists within the sports advertisement beneath the title. The Independent has more text, and fits loads more on to one page; it is bigger and has more columns. The headlines have different approaches.

One (SUN) is sensational and dramatic, contains a well-known British icon that everyone can relate to and is clearly trying to portray a saintly image for one of the fighters. The other headline (Independent) is intriguing but not biased, and doesnt stand out from the paper at all; in fact you have to look to notice it. The picture of Lewis on the front of the SUN is very effective when placed beside his quote. He is photographed with a finger pointing upwards and his mouth open obviously making a point, in a somewhat genuine pose (a pose suggesting someone is telling the truth or making a truthful statement).

This is a piece of text from the only quote on the page; from Lewis. There is no quote or any action written down from Tyson, apart from the fact he was floored. In the Independent, there are two quotes from Tyson, and a statement telling us Lewis dedicated his win to the Queen. The language used in the SUN is sensational, dramatic and unfair, for example the caption under the photograph of the flat out Mike Tyson reads: Down an out¦ loser Tyson is left flattened, battered and bloodied.

When you watch the match Tyson could actually get up again, but this statement almost implies Tyson was fully knocked out for the count. It doesnt hesitate mentioning and emphasising loser Tyson, although the audience know. The caption under the Independents photograph of Tyson reads Mike Tyson is knocked out by Lennox Lewis in the eight round of the world heavyweight title fight in Memphis. The language is practical and factual, and there are no examples of dramatic or biased language. The SUN describes the win as stunning victory, whereas the Independent uses knockout victory.

The SUN also uses the adjective demolition. The Independent even tries to create sympathy for Tyson, while the SUN completely portrays him as a loser, past his time. The Independent shows that Tyson does have respect for the victory and states his quotes as proof Lennox was masterful¦ Dont worry about me, Im a street man and Im probably heading for oblivion. At the same time portraying a good image of Lennox, giving some background information of his culture and appreciating the well done job he has done It was a brutal business¦. spends much of his time in his mothers native Jamaica.

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