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Published: 2019-10-10 05:35:50
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For any organization, change is necessary to keep them in strict competition with their industry. Technology changes every year with new enhances to the current devices like cell phones, televisions, game consoles, and more. However, even though the updates keep enhancing, there are brand-new devices that have been created like mad scientists in the dark room that evolve. AT&T is a blockbuster of a company that was created back in 1875 with only having landlines. In years to come, they know they need to be successful so they understand that their company has to change as the technology evolves every year.

As technology has continued changing throughout the years, AT&T has stayed on top of the industry. When the cell phones were invented, AT&T provided cell phone service to everyone who was eligible in their markets. Do you remember the pagers that everyone would wear? Well, AT&T created those as well. Blackberry, PDA, texting devices, Razors are becoming ancient devices in the technology world so, AT&T had to change something to catapult them past their competitors in every way. In 2006, Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple and Ralph de la Vega COO was secretly meeting throughout the year about creating a phone that would stun the entire world. The meetings and device were so secretive that Ralph signed a nondisclosure contract, which prevented him from showing or even describing the device to anyone.

The iPhone is a user interface that is built around a multi touch screen with a virtual keyboard, wi-fi that can connect to multiple cellular networks, take photos and post them on applications like facebook, email for personal and business, recording notes or memos to keep you on a time management schedule, games, and gps navigation. Voicemail transformed from basic to visual which provided the customer a way of listening to voicemails in plain sight instead of hearing them one by one. The customer can delete the voicemails without listening to them. iTunes is a software that is downloaded onto your personal computer or laptop to sync your phone with pictures, movies, music, books, and more. The store offers more than a million applications by Apple and third party creators.

In 2010, iPhone 4 revolutionized the cell phone industry because you could make a phone call to another individual but instead of just hearing them in the ear piece on the device, you could actually see them face to face. The application is called Facetime and it enables everyone to see who they are calling even if they are thousands of miles away like a dad in the military in the middle east and mom is in the deliver room at the hospital in California. Over the years from 2007 to present, there have been 8 different generations of iPhones from iPhone to iPhone 6 plus which have transformed from a cell phone that takes pictures, applications to a device that can see their caller, connect their device to their store for purchases, show movies from their phone to their televisions and more.

The phone transformed AT&T into a major competitor in its industry in front of his competitor Verizon. With the technology of Apple, AT&T embraced all of the technologies that are provided from small and larger partnerships which AT&T spends a lot of money to keep the technology growing and there revenue streams increasing. Buying and acquiring spectrums to expand its network all over the United States to provide their service to every American. With this device, it changed how they designed, engineered, and their capital allocation.

The company was going to lose money if this device didnt take off like Steve and Ralph thought it would Many individuals thought the device would use very little of the cellular network and have increasing data usage on wi-fi connections. It was a complete 360-degree because the iPhone blew away other devices in the industry. Once a consumer purchases the iPhone for $199, it takes AT&T 5 months to start generating revenue from that consumer. Their revenue streams for AT&T and Apple are flourishing but in 2012, the contract between Apple and AT&T ended and now every cell phone carrier is able to have the iPhone in its inventory.

I know the iPhone success over the last 7 years has helped my bank account because it is called lots of overtime. I remember systems for Apple and AT&T crashing because of the demand on the day of purchase for every new iPhone. The companies that are truly successful are the ones that can embrace any change that comes in their way and make the most of it. By compromising on what the average consumers are wanting, the companies are able to keep afloat and dont lose any touch with the consumer because they are on the front lines with them in this process.

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