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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Features & Functionalities of Recruitment Automation Software: This is an software for the placement consultants who work for their clients to recruit the best candidate for them. This software will have three different management systems, namely Candidate Management, Client Management and Recruiters Management. Also there will be master admin who can control all these activities. Some optional modules can also be suggested for the better management of the system.

The features and functionalities:

1. Candidate Management

a. All the candidates data can be stored in the database by filling up a form in which the name, phone, email, location, qualification, experiences, keywords and other related details of the candidate can be taken. b. The resume of the candidates can also be browsed and uploaded in the system c. The entire resume and the candidate profiles can also be searched by keyword, experience, location etc.

2. Client Management

a. The client details like company name, address, contact person, phone, email, designation and the other related details can be entered in the form and saved to create the master of the clients b. The MOU with a client can be digitally uploaded in the system c. The clients open positions can be entered and assigned to any recruiter with all the details (desired profile, job responsibilities etc.) d. The shortlisted candidates resume can be sent to the clients for final review/interview/written test e. The offer letter format of the client can be managed and it can be given to the candidates who are selected (closed position); similar activity can be done for the notice period agreement also f. When a position is closed, the billing of the same be sent to the client (invoice) g. If the bill is not cleared by the due date, the reminder email will be sent to the client continuously each time after a certain interval till the time the admin changes the billing status as Received

3. Recruiters Management

a. Master (name, designation, address, Date of joining, qualification, salary etc.) b. Open position assignment with a deadline c. Recruiters should be able to update the status of the candidates after any telephonic round of interview with them d. The candidates profile must be separated in such a manner that multiple recruiters do not work upon a same profile e. On the log in page the recruiters should be able to see the To Do List; e.g. To Call (23), Offer Letter (7), Joining (4), Open position (3) etc. f. The recruiters should be able to send the Daily Reports (which must not take them much time & with no manipulation) to the admin with their remarks g. Recruiters can notify the admin if any position is closed

4. Reports

a. Open position status (clients, positions, recruiter handling, update, last date to close etc.) b. Billing status (clients, positions closed, recruiter, amount as per bill, date to clear, received (y/n), etc.) c. Recruiters Performance analysis can be analyzed (recruiters, positions handled, open, closed, closing rate, revenue generated, monetary productivity (lifetime revenue / months worked)

5. Optional Features

a. SMS alert for
i. Billing reminder to client
ii. Appointment reminder to candidate
b. Flexibility to integrate the consultancys own JOB PORTAL keeping this system at the backend
c. Recruiters incentive calculation

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