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Published: 2020-02-02 19:40:51
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I. Did you take out the trash? Thats the question that has been frequently asked of you to do. Whether from work or home, everyone has trash to throw out. But most people do not care about recycling enough to make the earth a better place. Recycling is painless and it doesnt take that much time to do. Think of how much harm you cause to the environment when you do that. Theres already enough garbage in the world. Be a solution and not add on to the problem. II. You probably wonder how much trash we produce a year. The garbage we produced every year is quiet staggering; its to a tune of 250 million tons of garbage a year. Paper is made up of 30% of the trash. Food scraps, yard trimmings, metals, and plastic are made up approximately 50% of the trash in the USA. Ill talk about recycling in 4 different parts. First, its environmental impact, second, what can be recycle, and 3rd is why should we recycle, and lastly the importance of using recycle products.


CONCLUSION: I. Recycle will help the world become cleaner and more efficient in the future. Think of it as helping out your future grandkids and their kids to keep life going on this planet. By doing the little things like putting the right trash in their appropriate bins, using recycle products, and basically everything that can harm the earth. You can set an example for your kids, they always follow what you do or say. So you can train them to recycle also. II. The earth is our home for many years to come, be a good human being and dont destroy it by not recycling.

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