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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The word mother can be redefined as the most basic social unit in the creation and rearing of the life of an individual from birth to old-age. The term mother has usually been confined to the biological aspect of human relations instead of being given a more intimate and a more important definition. By redefining the concept from one that is purely devoted to the biological relations of individuals into one that has a crucial role in the development of individuals, mothers are therefore given more meaning and more social significance.

The assumption that mothers are only related to their children in a solely biological way is changed because the inclusion of its role in the creation and rearing of life signifies that being mother is not merely limited by biological relations. Rather, even female individuals who are not in any way genetically related to a child they are rearing can still stand as the mother of the child.

Thus, the gender role commonly ascribed to mothers is no longer confined in terms of biological attachment which in turn signifies that the patriarchal setup of the society can no longer dictate when a female individual can be considered a mother to a child. One can become a mother by caring for the child regardless of whether or not certain members of the society approve of it, especially the medical specialists. Another word that can be redefined is the term wife.

Instead of being defined solely in terms of marital status or marital relationship with a partner, the term wife can be further extended to include the concept of a married female who is capable of achieving her desired status in the society. For instance, being a wife may come to mean as being married and at the same time being able to go beyond the limits of house-related activities and chores. By redefining the concept, a wife can be any married female who is capable of doing other activities such as doing business or working in a company.

The point is that the redefined wife is one who is no longer limited by the gender-role of being responsible for the household duties such as taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean and orderly. Rather, the redefined wife is one who is also capable of doing many other things that males in the society are likewise capable of doing. This change in the definition of the concept of wife creates a balance in the structure of the society since married women are not anymore treated as mere household individuals. Rather, they are individuals who are also capable of practicing other activities beyond the household.

The concept of lady can also be redefined, from a female individual who is demure and follows the etiquette of formal society to a female individual who has the capacity to stand at par, if not better, with males in specific fields. For example, the redefined lady can be a female who does not only recognize the ethics of the society but also does what it takes to become better in her chosen field. The redefined lady can be a female company executive who handles her position well in the organization and follows the proper codes of conduct in executing her specific roles.

The redefined lady can also be a female police officer who is not afraid to do the things that her male fellow police officers are doing in their duties such as patrolling the night streets and arresting fugitives of the law while maintaining a deep regard for professionalism. This new definition of a lady redefines gender roles by suggesting that females can also take the roles that males usually take without sacrificing their other responsibilities such as their duties to their family.

The patriarchal culture is thereby altered since certain gender roles are no longer limited; ladies can also take the role of police officers inasmuch as they can also take the role of a company executive and other roles usually regarded as dominated by men. New words and phrases can also be invented in order to express the experiences specifically distinct to females. For instance, the phrase female relationism can refer to the ability of females to instinctively open-up themselves to other female individuals, usually strangers whom they have met for the first time.

One can generally observe how women can easily socialize and make certain connections with other women whom they have just met. They have little to no difficulties sharing their experiences through stories and conversations with other women because of several reasons, one of which is the feminine collective instinct”another invented phrase which refers to the instinct of women to assert certain experiences that other women can easily relate to.

B providing phrases for experiences and events specifically attributed to women, female individuals can now have specific terms and phrases to call events and experiences in their lives which they may have had a hard time describing before. These invented terms enable them to express themselves better and more efficiently without losing much of the meaning of their original experiences.

In effect, women can be able to know more about themselves and, more importantly, the rest of the society can be able to understand female experiences much better. As a result, gender-related misunderstandings can be eliminated. The common use of these two invented phrases and other terms which can be conceptualized helps women to effectively communicate their experiences to others. They will no longer be at a loss for words or be confused with what terms to use for something which does not have a formal term.

When asked what it is that makes women easily relate with one another and gain the trust of others regardless of whether they are opening-up to female strangers or to women they knew before, they can respond by saying that it is because of the female collective instinct. Likewise, when asked what specific ability it is that women have which enables them to quickly establish rapport with other women, they can respond by saying that it is their ability of female relationism. Reference Foss, K. , Foss, S. , & Griffin, C. (1999). Feminist Rhetorical Theories (1st ed. ). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

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