Reproductive Health Bill Philippines Essay

Published: 2019-11-18 13:11:06
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When I hear the RH Bill, What comes to my mind? I must say that I am in favor to this law in the Philippines . This law means having control of the growing population in the Philipines and this will lessen poverty due to the lesser family members. The law states that the people has choices to pick in starting a family like contraceptives, condoms, pills, IUD. This Bill will help people much especially the uneducated ones to know more information about family planning, prevention of abortion, sex education, prevention of HIV/AIDS and others. The poorest family may have the biggest family, now is the time for them to give education about controlling by approving this bill.

I think this bill was aimed to the poor ones because they are the ones who cannot support their family and most of them has no education, this means more problem. This helps us to make the lives of the filipino future to be more productive. We are already in a modern world, many of the people know about sex. Even out of wed lock have sex, even friends have sex but the bill helps to control having birth and being safe. Most especially teens, they are the one mostly who are engaging in sex.

By giving them proper explanation by their parents to be responsible and do what is right, do you think that their children will listen? Well, its up to them but parents should always be reminding their children to do what is wrong from right. Why do others are against it? Maybe because its also against the Roman Catholic Church and the beliefs of other groups. But people has their own right what they will do and what they want to believe and use.

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